Written by gary on April 5th, 2011

Toyota Entune

Toyota Entune App is putting Bing, Pandora, and OpenTable on wheels, in action,and its looking  like it could be pretty good. Making a dinner reservation while driving there sounds pretty good.

The Entune dash uses your phone as a sort of modem, pulling in data for its apps via 3G, and then shuttling it over to the car with Bluetooth. Bing web results (and corresponding map directions) seem snappy enough. Pandora radio is also a nice touch, for when FM reception is driving you nuts.

For those choked up on any safety issues that touch interface might present, Entune does compensate by including some voice recognition support. The interface  running on Toyota software is clean and should require just few taps to go from main menu to driving directions.

As great as this seems, I’m staring at my iPad and can’t help but think though that it might be easier, better, and far cheaper just to have a car stereo shop stick an iPad in the dash…

Toyota has not been specific on cost and what models will have the entune option first.  


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