Written by gary on April 14th, 2010

An excerpt from an article this weekend featured an interview about the current Toyota recalls with a Toyota owner and dealership customer. “They’re the best cars ever invented,” the customer noted in the article. “Don’t be fooled by all the bad news.” Many Dealership owners have reported positive supportive comments from many customers while they were in the dealership having the recall repairs completed.  “They all have said, “Thanks for getting it handled and moving on.” …and in March, Buyers Voted With Their Wallets! money out of wallet

Commenting that some media coverage perhaps hasn’t presented the full range of information related to the recalls, one dealer owner pointed out, “None of this makes the front pages.” Describing Toyota, he added, “They want to be careful.  They aren’t trying to hide something. All they are doing is looking for the right answers.”

Brand loyalty of Toyota customers and Toyota’s commitment to taking care of business is helping to turn things around following the negative publicity generated by the recalls. “We have a lot of repeat customers,” say Dealership Owners.There are many ways Toyota Dealers are keeping customer loyalty intact, from setting up a Web page dedicated to the recalls to spending a lot of time in the waiting room, speaking with customers and answering their questions one-on-one. 

All of these genuine efforts are paying off. In March, Toyota reported a whopping 72 percent jump in sales over the prior month and a 35 percent hike over the same period last year. About 60 percent of March sales were to Toyota owners, and the remaining 40 percent were conquest sales to owners of rival brands.

While buyers were obviously reacting to Toyota’s special offers, they were also showing their confidence in the Safety and Quality of Toyota Vehicles. No incentive would persuade someone to buy a vehicle they thought was unsafe.

Toyota was the top-selling retail brand for the month, and also the top-selling manufacturer, beating Ford and General Motors by nearly 40,000 retail sales. If anyone wonders whether Toyota will recover from the recent negative publicity, take a look at the March sales results; Consumers Voted With Their Wallets!

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