Written by gary on September 20th, 2010

Toyota Buyers,…Are sunroofs and heated and cooled seats preferred only by drivers in the sunny states?SUPRA

Well, as it turns out, probably not…Seattle, Washington may be rainy and cool, but its drivers are the most likely to get moon roofs and air-conditioned seats in their cars.

That’s one of several unexpected trends in an automotive report  recently released  about automotive customer preferences in various regions. The report is designed to look at the colors and features that buyers favor and uses the data to ensure dealers have the right mix of cars to match local tastes.

In addition to moon roofs and cooled seats, Seattle has the highest percentage of buyers who opt for rearview cameras and blind-spot warning systems. Seattle is also second to San Francisco in the popularity of navigation systems.

Seattle-area buyers are well-heeled, well-educated and tech savvy according to a dealership general manager in Kent, Wash. They drive in the mountains and on the coast — that explains the moon roofs and navigation systems — and they like to equip their vehicles with the latest technology.

These are more than just factoids for automakers, who are obsessive collectors of data. Customers who don’t find the exact car they want on a lot might go to another dealership, so it’s critical to supply the right mix.

Many of these kinds of results aren’t surprising. Hybrid cars like Toyota Prius are most popular in eco-friendly San Francisco. Drivers in pickup territory — Dallas and Houston and other southern cities— are most likely to opt for towing features, like a hitch and wiring for trailer lights. Buyers in Alabama — home of the Crimson Tide, national College Champs — like red cars.

But there are plenty of quirks. Drivers in San Francisco, Atlanta and Charlotte — not those in snowier climates — are the most likely to get heated seats. Maybe they’re more sensitive to cold. Drivers in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas are most likely to opt for rear-seat DVD systems. Those are motorists who face long drives outside their sprawling cities for their weekend getaways.

As for colors, people in the nation’s capital are most likely to get blue cars, while flashier folks in Miami like gold. Green cars don’t seem to be popular outside of the East Coast. The top markets for them are Boston — home of the Celtics — followed by Philadelphia.


Color Cities

Black Boston, Detroit, New York, Miami, Chicago

Blue Washington, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit

Gold Miami, Memphis, Orlando, Phoenix, Houston     

Gray Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Philadelphia

Green Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Pittsburgh, New York

Orange Phoenix, Los Angeles, Miami, Denver, Seattle

Red Cincinnati, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Pittsburgh

Silver Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, Orlando, Boston

White San Francisco, Memphis, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas

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