Written by gary on January 11th, 2009

In the movie “FARGO” from a few years back William H. Macy’s character, a car salesman, is selling new car features to an Ornery Fellow. The Crusty Buyer crashes Macy’s features monologue and announces something like, “Don’t try to sell me none of that worthless Sealant, I don’t want no Sealant!…”

Well, Distributor installed options that include a Sealant have been around for a while and Macy’s inept character above didn’t convey the Benefits very well. What are the Benefits? For new Toyotas in the Southeast, Toyoguard Plus is a cluster option package that includes vehicle protection and sound deadening features along with a host of assistance services.

The vehicle protection leg includes:

  • Exterior Paint Protection from Harsh Weather Salt Air
  • Helps Prevent Loss of Luster
  • Heavy Resistance Undercarriage Sound Dampening- Prevents Underside Chipping and Quiet Ride
  • Interior Fabric Protection that Seals Fibers Against Stain Absorption

The vehicle ride with Toyoguard is 11-13% Quieter!…If there is a Spill on the Seat or Floor Fabric, the Liquid will Puddle so that You can Pull off the Road and Wipe it up,…Easy,…No Stain! These Benefits alone make Toyoguard Plus a “Must Have”. But, As They Say,…Wait! There’s More!!!

Toyotguard Plus has a Host of Assistance Services that include:

  • Emergency Towing to Nearest Qualified Repair Facility in the event of Mechanical Disablement.
  • One Day Rental Car per Warranty Repair using Toyota Parts during 3 Year/36,000 Mile Bumper to Bumper Coverage.

In addition, the First  Oil and Filter Change at a Southeast Toyota Dealer is Free. Also, Vehicle Identification Numbers are Permanently Laser Etched on Select Windows Making it Impossible to Alter and the Vehicle is on file with all DMV Offices throughout the USA.

All of these Services are Bound by a Toll Free 24 Hours A Day, 365 Days a Year Assistance Phone Number Reachable Anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

TOYOGUARD PLUS…You Probably Shouldn’t Drive Your New Toyota Without It!..

LIFETIME WARRANTY…You Shouldn’t Drive Your New Toyota Without It Either!..                          

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