Written by gary on June 6th, 2011

Banging your head on the steering wheel everytime a Check Engine Light goes on, is nothing new. Look we’re all stretched these days, money’s tight and it’s tough to find time for that wicked Check Engine Light when it lights up. But for the fear of being stranded in the middle of rush traffic or on a dark two lane road late at night you reluctantly wheel your car into the  mechanic and he checks it over and opens up with something like, Wow, good thing you brought it on in, just in the nick of time too, I don’t think it would have made it another mile.

First of all, the Check Engine Light is usually not a Panic situation. it usually is a computer problem, or something as simple as needing to tighten the gas cap. There are times when the Check Engine Light On indicates something shouldn’t wait.

When a check engine light comes on, the on board computer stores a code that will point to the direction of the malfunction. It’s like a treasure map with the malfunction being your treasure. It doesn’t necessarily tell you exactly what is wrong but with the code you (or a technician) can determine what’s ailing your baby.

Let’s say the code “p0171, oxygen sensor indicates lean” shows up, causing your check engine light to glow. It doesn’t mean the oxygen sensor is bad, it just means that the oxygen sensor is stuck lean. Now there could be several reasons for this; the engine could be running lean because of a number of problems, or the oxygen sensor is lazy and may actually need to be replaced. However, a bad oxygen sensor should set a oxygen sensor code as well.

Of course.Replacing a oxygen sensor sounds less threatening than replacing your transmission; but, isn’t it amazing how quickly many auto mechanics will charge $100 just to pull a code and then tell you that the Check Engine Light will go off when you replace so and so and also this and that…The Check Engine Light On has become a vital commodity to mechanics, just like a pop up ad on your computer, but they don’t have to pay for this ad, it’s a gift.

There’s an easier way to solve that Check Engine Light Dilemma! If you’ve got an iPhone, iPad, or iPod? and 5 seconds to spare? Buy the GL1 Diagnostic Cable App and turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod into a vehicle diagnostic tool for Check Engine Light codes plus other neat stuff!


Connect the GL1 Cable to your vehicle OBD-ll data port using your iPhone, IPad, or iPod touch capability to decode Check Engine, view fuel economy, reduce your carbon footprint, and determine if your vehicle is safe. It takes about 5 seconds to install! This is state of the art high-tech/high-touch technology!


  • Decode Check Engine Light
  • View Live Streaming Engine Data
  • Charge Your iPhone
  • iPhone Diagnostic App Included
  • Field Upgrade Your Cable With Software Options
  • Winner Of Popular Mechanics Best Product Award!

Check out the article we recently did on the GL1 Cable App to Solve the Check Engine Light Dilemma!

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Use the GoPoint GL1 to decode your Check Engine Light and do a little research on your on. Research is a little like homework, you don’t have to do it, but, if you ignore it, you’ll certainly regret it. Almost all car repair questions can now be answered online, right at your fingertips. Dedicated sites such as Automotive Experts Online troubleshoot car problems, such as check engine lights for Honda Accord or Toyota check engine lights, and offer safe and reliable auto advice that’s cheap and fast.

So with GL1 Cable App, here’s a great way to take control. Solve your Check Engine Light On problem now, get your research done before going to the mechanic, and then go in with confidence knowing what you are in for.

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