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Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Toyota says the 2012 Toyota Camry is “revolutionary”. We believe the 2012 Toyota Camry is new starting more from the “Inside Out”.

2012 Camry New Inside Out

2012 Camry New Inside Out

Toyota has a tough task addressing new changes to Camry, the top selling car 13 out of the past 14 years. When evaluating the 2012 Toyota Camry it’s helpful to understand where the car is coming from. Camry is a leading seller with significant long lasting appeal and it has been awarded best car awards and most reliable used car awards many many times. Ninety percent of all Camry automobiles sold since 1995 are still on the road today.

The question behind the question is what is the basis of Toyota Camry appeal. Camry has never been a styling magnet. It has never been the fastest, the best-handling, nor the car with all the gadgets in its segment. So what is the Camry appeal? The answer is what Toyota calls QDR; Quality, Durability, and Reliability. QDR is where it has won its loyal fan base and QDR is what can be seen in its routine ranking at the top of the charts that matter to most American motorists: initial quality, durability, and long-term reliability, as well as routinely best-in-class trade-in values. 

So Toyota’s recipe for continuous Camry significance has evolved into making enough outside appearance tweeks to entice a loyal repeat owner base while refining and upgrading Quality, Durability, Reliability, and Economy.

Even though 90% of the 2012 Toyota Camry parts have been “re-engineered”, the Camry continues to ride on the same platform as the outgoing model and you won’t have any trouble knowing the new 2012 model is a Camry.

The profile of the new 2012 Camry is very much like the outgoing model, substituting the current car’s rounded edges with more squared off corners. Other new exterior details include the headlamp corners and slight rear spoiler that were reworked to improve aerodynamics.

Working from the “inside out”, Toyota has engineered more “revolutionary” changes to the interior of the new 2012 Camry rather than the exterior. A new “floating” instrument panel design with detailed stitching that you’d find in a more expensive product has been incorporated into Camry. 

The layout of gauges and controls is a strong point in the new Camry. Toyota engineers have taken great pains to make sure drivers don’t have to take their eyes off the road for very long. Plus, unlike competitive models that have too many switches and dials on their touchscreen monitors, Toyota continues to feature plenty of easy to use knobs and switches for the functions motorists use most often.

The 2012 Camry has a more spacious feel with rear passengers getting an extra 2 inches of legroom comfort and trunk area is increased over the outgoing model. In addition, thanks to more high-strength steel and some creative engineering, the 2012 Toyota Camry is on average 150 to 200 pounds lighter, depending upon model.  This is increasing powertrain gas mileage across the board for the new 2012 Camry.

New Larger 2012 Camry Backseat

New Larger 2012 Camry Backseat

There are three powertrain choices for the 2012 Camry. 

  • The base car is standard with a 2.5-liter inline-four with 178 horsepower and mileage ratings of 25 mpg City, 35 Highway and 28 Combined, according to the EPA.
  • An optional 3.5-liter V-6 provides quite a bit more pep, at 268-hp and ratings on this powertrain at 21/30/25.
  • The single most impressive element of both of these powertrains is the 6-speed automatic transmission.  It is smooth with instant shift quality and is absolutely world-class.
  • The Hybrid powertrain scheduled to account for 11% of new Camry sales for 2012 has undergone extensive updating for 2012, downsizing key systems enough to carve out an additional 2.5 cubic feet of trunk space eliminating a frequent criticism of the previous Camry Hybrid. Mileage, for the LE hybrid model is 43 City, 39 Highway and 41 Combined. The XLE drops slightly to 41/38/40.  The LE provides as much as 650 miles range between fill-ups.There

There is high-tech gadgetry available. A 6.1-inch LCD screen for navigation and other systems is available and a 7-inch upgrade is offered on the Camry XLE.  Niceties like Bluetooth hands-free calling and USB connectivity are standard across the board on all models.

The new 2012 Camry will come with Toyota’s new infotainment system, Entune, which was named best-in-class at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show held in January.  Entune features an easy-to-use voice control, with redundant controls on the steering wheel.  The system links to a variety of smartphone apps, including Pandora Radio and OpenTable, which makes it easy to snag a restaurant reservation.

Safety systems include anti-whiplash seats, 10 standard airbags, larger 4-wheel disk brakes and brake-based systems such as electronic stability control.

Oh, There’s More…Toyota plans to sell 360,000 2012 Camrys in the United States and they have chosen to enhance the 2012 Toyota Camry’s appeal by cutting prices as much as $2,000, depending on the model. 

Look closely at the new 2012 Toyota Camry when it hits the Dealer Showroom in October. Our guess is that it will continue as the Number One Selling Car in America. It’s also our guess that the car will have enough enticement and heritage appeal to overcome any short term style fad itches you might have.

The 2012 Toyota Camry is new from the “Inside Out”  with enough outside appearance tweeks to entice a loyal repeat owner base while refining and upgrading Quality, Durability, Reliability, and Economy.