Tundra VSC Operation

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Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Here is a brief Tutorial on Vehicle Control for new Tacoma, Tundra, and Sequoia owners who may not fully understand th VSC-Off Button operation(Vehicle Stability Control). First of all here are some vehicle control terms and a short meaning that apply.

  • VSC-Anti-lock brake and trac systems that help control skids while turning and vehicle control
  • Trac-helps prevent driving wheel slippage
  • Auto-LSD-Slows a spinning wheel,applies torque to wheel with traction

There are circumstances where having VSC and Trac off are advantageous such as when more engine speed or torque are required. Also one might want all three off at certain times. Below is a chart that serves as a quick operational guide for this function:

 TACOMA                      VSC               TRAC         AUTO LSD

Normal                              ON                    ON                OFF

Briefly Push VSC Once       ON                    OFF               ON

Push/Hold VSC 3 SEC.      OFF                    OFF               OFF

Push VSC Once Again        ON                    ON                OFF


TUNDRA/SEQUOIA        VSC               TRAC           AUTO LSD

Normal                              On                    On                   Off  

Briefly Push VSC Once       On                   Off                    On

Push VSC Hold 3 SEC        Off                   Off                    On

Push VSC Hold 3 SEC        Off                  Off                     Off

Push VSC  Once Again      On                    On                   Off