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Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Consumers cross-shopping the Tundra Double Cab against the Ford F-150 SuperCab will see two immediate advantages for the Toyota: size and power.

The Tundra’s cab is obviously a little bigger and inviting. A quick check under the hood reveals Tundra’s more impressive V8 engine lineup and the availability of a V6.

Here’s a closer look at the cab and additional convenience features:

  • Tundra has four forward-opening doors, Ford has just two with rear doors opening rearward (aka “suicide style”)
  • Tundra rear doors can open independent of front with the outside handles; F-150 front doors must be open before rear doors can be opened with their inside handles
  • Tundra has more legroom both front (42.5 in. vs. 41.4 in) and rear (34.7 in vs. 33.4 in.)
  • Tundra rear seat has the back angled at a comfortable 22 degrees
  • Some of Ford’s top-of-the-line packages are not available in SuperCab, like King Ranch, Platinum and Harley Davidson. All of Toyota’s trim levels and special packages are available in Double Cab, except Platinum.
  • Tundra offers entry-level navigation system on base trim level; Ford-150 owners have to order FX4 or Lariat trim level to get navigation
  • Even though Tundra Double Cab has a longer wheelbase than Ford SuperCab, the Toyota truck has a much tighter turning circle (44 feet vs. 47 feet)

Here’s a closer look at how Tundra’s engine lineup is more diverse and powerful: tundra pic

Additional advantages include:

  • Toyota engines are modern aluminum block/cylinder head construction while Fords still use heavy cast-iron blocks
  • Toyota engines are the more efficient DOHC, 4-valve-per-cylinder design while Ford engines are SOHC with 2- or 3-valve per cylinder

Closing thought: Ford may boast a slightly higher towing capacity for some of its models, but which engine would you rather have towing a full load up a mountain grade? Thirty-one horsepower and 36 lb-ft of torque can make a big difference up steep grades.