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Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Toyota will be back into the affordable sports-coupe game with an all-new model priced at around $20,000, although it will most likely carry the Scion nameplate.toyota_sports_car

This front-engine/rear-drive 2-door may reincarnate the spirit of the 1983–1987 Corolla Levin/Trueno (AE86), a car that’s still popular today

Don’t be surprised though to see a different production car than all the teaser prototypes that have been shown around. Do expect fairly quick acceleration times, probably around 6.0 sec. to 60 mph. The suspension mayl consist of MacPherson struts up front and a multilink setup at the rear.

Toyota will be in charge of the car’s styling and expect a car that is very appealing.

The car is scheduled to appear sometime in 2011 or 2012. If this future car truly is a reincarnation of the AE86, Toyota will have a big hit on their hands.