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Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Have You ever gotten into your Toyota and after the key was completely inserted into the ignition switch, it wouldn’t turn!… then tried quite a few more times to turn it, and even tried the extra spare key, but it still wouldn’t turn?  Actually, this happens quite often and in most cases there is a simple explanation and procedure to get you moving….


If the vehicle was parked with the steering wheel turned slightly this can sometimes cause a binding up of the wheels and lock the steering mechanism thus locking the ignition switch.This is especially true if the vehicle is parked up or downhill with the wheels turned.


A turn of the steering wheel a little to the left to release the steering wheel lock while turning the ignition key will release the lock and allow you to start the vehicle and be on your way.


Even though what has been discussed here is not likely a warranty issue, You can buy any new Toyota with an Exclusive Lifetime Warranty. For more information about Toyotas with a Lifetime Warranty, Inquire Below: