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Sunday, April 25th, 2010

*Fewer Recalls For 20 Years Than Any Brand*80% All Toyotas Still On The Road Today!
*Camry is Motor Trend's Top Mid-Size Car Again For 2010*Toyotas Typically Have The Shortest Stopping Distance
*Toyota Listed 5 Of Top 8 Best Value Rankings 2010*Camry Has A Shorter Stopping Distance From 70 MPH Over Accord And Others
*Toyota Listed 11 Of Top 31 Vehicle Segments Best Value Rankings 2010*Camry Has A 60/40 Folding Rear Seat & Trunk Pass Through
*Avalon Is The Best Full Size Car Value By Intellichoice*Toyotas Typically Have Better Maneuverability In Tight Situations
*Sequoia,Highlander,FJ All Top Value SUVS*Toyota Models Have No Maintenance Engine Timing Chains
*Tacoma Is Best Value Mid-size Truck*Toyota Engines Operate At Low Temps And RPMs For Longevity
*Sienna Is Best Van On The Market*Toyota Body Fit Tolerences Are Precise And Consistent
*Toyota Owners Most Satisfied And Repeat Buyers Of All*Toyota Models Have Excellent Body Aerodynamics
*Exclusive Driver Knee Airbag On Camry And Others*Toyotas Are Built Of Rust-Resistant Excelite II Steel
*Standard Daylight Running Lights*Toyota Bodies Are Dipped In Rust-Resistant Phosphate Baths
*Tilt-Telescopic Steering Wheel Std Most Models*Toyotas Have 4 Coats Of Paints
*Heat And Noise Reducing Glass On Most Models*Toyotas Have Anti-Chip Paint On Chip-Prong Areas!
*Unibody Construction For Strength, Safety On Cars*Toyota Body Structures Are Tight & Have Over 4000 Spot Welds!
*Body-On-Frame Construction On Trucks For Load Capacity, Towing*Toyotas Use Fluid Filled Motor Mounts That Eliminate Vibration
*Toyota Models Have Low Coefficient Of Drag For Greater Efficiency*Toyota Teflon Coats All Fastening Points, Everything Is 100 Times Tighter
*Exclusive Star Safety System Std On Toyota Models*Toyota Torque & Horsepower Are At The Top In Each Model Class!
*Multiplex Wiring, Allows Single Function, High Reliability*Toyota Uses Multistage Airbags That Gauge Seat Position & Impact!
*Tire Pressure Monitor System On Most Toyota Models*Toyotas Have A Protective Safety Cage Construction Much Like Race Cars
*Toyota Yaris Is One Of The Most Reliable Cars On The Road!*Side Impact Airbags Are Standard On All Toyota Vehicles!
*All Toyota Vehicles,Trucks Have High Reliabilities!*Toyota VVT Engines Have Teflon Coated Pistons For Long Life!
*Toyota has Accident Deflecting Frames Called Tailored Blanks!*Toyotas Have Dual Balance Engine Shafts, Eliminates Engine Vibration!
*Toyotas Are The Most Reliable Used Vehicles Reported By Consumer Reports*Toyotas Have Sound Deadening Asphalt Sheeting Around The Cabin
*Camry Awarded Best Car Over 20 Times By Consumer Digest!*Camry Has Power Seat & Keyless Entry As Standard Equipment!
*Camry Is The Quitest Car In It's Class!*Corolla Is The Most Reliable Name Plate Historically Over 35 Years