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Thursday, June 16th, 2011

It doesn’t look like a Toyota Prius but it’s design is based on one. Toyota has commissioned Parlee Cycles to create a bicycle based on Prius design principles to

Parlee Prius Bike

Parlee Prius Bike

commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the Prius and a decade of environmentally sustainable transportation.

Parlee is developing this state-of the art, ultra efficient bicycle in an effort to encompass the best of both the auto and non-auto transportation worlds.
Despite the fact that bicycle design has stayed relatively the same throughout the years, the design team decided to look at all the different possibilities, using inspiration from city, road, and touring bikes, and combining it with some Prius inspired principles. The designers are calling the preliminary design an Aero Road Bike.

The Bike Frame uses carbon fiber tubing for it’s design.  Carbon fiber tubing is a lightweight, aerodynamic, stiff and seamless material, perfect for racing thus yielding a good flexible bike. Although carbon fiber isn’t exactly recyclable, Parlee minimizes their waste by reusing all scraps in the bike design. The carbon fiber tubing is then covered with a raw black finish, giving it an elegant look. The mold is overlaid on the tubing along with resin.

The Bike is still in first stage development and much of the design details are being kept a secret on what could be a revolutionary Bike. 
Could this be Toyota’s alternative for those who can’t afford Prius? Just Kidding…