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Saturday, February 27th, 2010

We’ve grown accustom to technology applications on a daily basis that were nowhere insight just a few short years ago. Cell phones, Hand-held Computers, IPhones, Go To Meeting Video Conferencing, Ipods, Flat Screen Lcds, Blue-Tooth Hot Spots are all very recent marvels.

All of these things began with a simple thought from someone’s mind. Did that thought originate with some geeky kid autistically gifted in one direction? Or was it someone else….

Take a look at the  Picture Below:1945 OFFICE OF TOMORROW

In this futuristic workplace, there’s a videoconferencing box on every desk, and assistants helpfully visualize essential business data on giant screens. All the while, distant smokestacks gracefully pump toxic fumes into the atmosphere. There is reference to records which “appear as if by magic” from automatic files referring to robotic filing cabinets or hard disks. We are also intrigued by the several unmentioned gizmos on the desk. Maybe they include a proto-iPod, a rudimentary Flip, and a pseudo-BlackBerry.

The Image was created by a Futurist circa 1945…Take a look at another illustration below:-portable-radio_

“Today’s weapon, tomorrow’s convenience!” The article accompanying this illustration from 1944 explained that the wireless phone was already in use by the armed forces, and would soon become a consumer product; it ended up taking 50 plus years before cell phones became truly common. In this demonstration, a fisherman phones his wife to relay good news about his catch and ask her to invite the neighbors for dinner, and then calls her again from his Car to tell her what time to expect him. He’s using a pocketwatch-like handset on a cord.

Each of these depicts a miracle that would transform postwar America. They’re fascinating and entertaining and they sort-of-accurately predict scenarios that eventually came to be, such as the rise of the cell phone