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Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

The Foresight of Futurists Seventy Years Ago may have led to many of the Technological Marvels that we enjoy with awe today. 3-D MOVIE

The vivid illustration above is from 1943 suggesting to movie-goers that they might go to 3-D movies “more thrilling than any you ever dreamed of!” In 1943, the movie shown involves fighter jets soaring above the audience and soldiers stomping right through it. It looks like the person to the left dressed like “Flash Gordon” is an usher, not part of the spectacle … but you never know. All of this some 67 years before “Avatar”. Check out the Sports Bar below:

FLAT TV 1946

This One’s Pretty Uncanny — the illustration predicted the rise of the sports bar, down to the fact that they’d eventually be festooned with Giant Flat-Screen TVs! Take the foresight used here, move it sideways, and you have the New Wide-Screen DVD Screen in the 2011 Sienna…       sienna dvdBut back to the illustration;…The scene is dead-on, however, during the early Forties, it was mistakenly believed that said bars would be filled with natty proto-Mad Men sipping whiskey, instead of brawny bloats chuggin beer. And Imagine that!…  they’re all actually watching Hockey….