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Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Sales of Honda’s Alabama-built Odyssey mini-van dropped 20 percent in May 2010…thats a pretty significant tumble and it came as competitors scored double-digit gains.

One of those scoring factors is that the 2011 Toyota Sienna is coming on strong with its new redesign, safety accolades, and a Thorough Marketing Campaign!

The campaign includes a hip YouTube video that’s gone viral. Called, “Swagger Wagon”, it features a suburban Mom and Dad rapping the praises of their Sienna. Toyota is working magic to make the minivan Cool and it’s paying some dividends. Maybe they should put Sienna Miller in this…

YouTube Preview Image

The 2011 Sienna is the most cross-shopped model for Odyssey, meaning that people who are considering the Odyssey also are looking at the Sienna and vice versa.

Last month, May 2010, Sienna topped Odyssey with 10,666 in sales, a 50 percent surge from the year-ago period.