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New LED Technology For Automotive Headlight Lamps

Monday, December 27th, 2010

You have probably heard about a number of applications for LED technology, the LED traffic light around the corner, the bright and prettier automotive LED tail lights, stop lights and even the latest LED  headlights lights now available on Prius and other Toyota models.led headlight

For automotive giants Toyota and others, a new movement is about to come.  They are all actively working on the next generation of LED applications, the LED automotive headlight lamps.

The evolution from halogen headlight bulbs to LED headlight assembling means brighter and whiter lighting output, as well as longer lasting bulbs, (4 times longer lasting) with less energy consumption overall.

The brighter lighting output will provide better visibility therefore improving overall road safety.

The whiter color means the color temperature of LED headlight lamps is about 5000 kelvin to 5500 kelvin which is closer to the color of the sun light vs the halogen filament headlight bulbs’ yellowish 3500 kelvin.

An LED greater lifespan makes the headlight last “almost forever” with almost zero maintenance cost v.s. the halogen headlight’s shorter 500 working hour life, then replacement.

Toyota has introduced the new Prius with optional LED headlight lamps with other models to follow including Lexus models such as the LS600h and possibly a new 2012 Camry, Camry redesign.

In the short future, more cars will adopt the LED technology for headlight lamps for its brighter, whiter appearance, econ-friendly make-up, and long lasting characteristics.