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FJ Cruiser Trail Package,Don’t Leave The Home Trail Without It

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010
The Toyota FJ Cruiser has a fun new Trail package that appeals to the off-road enthusiast crowd. fj-trail-teams-2009
The FJ Trail Teams Special Edition ($6695 Option Package), consists of rugged exterior features with unique Sandstorm paint, blacked-out hood, sideview mirrors, grille, black beadlock-look wheels with beefy BFGoodrich all-terrain rubber.
It really stands apart from other FJs. The package also comes with a locking rear differential, backup camera integrated into the rearview mirror, and Bilstein shock absorbers.You may not have access to a worthy rock trail to truly test the prowess of this Trail Teams package, but there’s no denying the option group changes the visual character of the FJ from a cute retro-character to a down to business crawler. Those beadlock-look rims are pretty neat looking, as are the powder-coated rock rails, the blacked-out grille trim and hood, and the absence of the love- it or hate -it white roof.

Production of the Trail Teams model is limited, but if Toyota sells out of this batch, there’s some good news for FJ enthusiasts: apart from the cosmetic touches, you’re still able to build a clone. Simply order an FJ Cruiser with the off-road package, and you instantly have the Trail Team’s locking rear diff, A-TRAC traction control, and enhanced suspension thrown into the mix. Dive into the TRD parts catalog, and you can find similar wheels, rock rails, and myriad other off-road goodies.

It would be fun to see something more spicy under the hood other than the 4.0-liter V-6. If nothing else, at least a cold-air intake and free-flow exhaust system included in the Trail Teams package would transform this FJ into a real player when the pavement ends.

I’d caution against adding those features if you plan on spending more time on-road than off, though. The increased ride height and larger tires are great for four-wheeling, but the extra road noise and body roll aren’t enjoyable if you’re just touring in the  FJ Cruiser to the nearest Sonic…


Saturday, June 12th, 2010

This could be part of the ultimate FJ Cruiser experience! Have your Plasma or LCD Flat Screen TV installed on the wall of the FJ Cruiser cruiser flat screen

You could also link this up with your favorite Game Player and Wireless Internet for more Techno Fun!

It might also be possible to have a swing out Freedom Grill Hitched to the rear swung out one way and the tailgate open the opposite with the TV in View While You Grill!

Share Off-Road Trail Experiences With Toyota FJ, Tacoma, 4Runner Trail Tracker App For iPhone

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Trail Tracker is an easy-to-use GPS enabled app that makes it easier for Toyota FJ, 4Runner, and Tacoma off-roaders to share their favorite trails. The Trail Tracker App for iPhone™ is available now for free in the App Store.1005_atvp_01_ih+free_gps_enabled_toyota_trail_tracker_app_for_iphone+iphone

The Trail Tracker iPhone App allows trail enthusiasts to quickly find off-road trails and download detailed trail information such as trail maps, rating, distance, duration, elevation gain/loss and photos. You can also browse trails, learn about trail history and access insider trail tips. Or you can follow, connect with and learn about other Trail Tracker users from all over the country. The Toyota Trail Tracker also lets users share personal trail experiences by uploading trail locations, maps, notes and photos to

The Trail Tracker App for iPhone can be downloaded from iTunes or directly to your iPhone at:


Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Balancing off road tires can be a challenge. The tires on Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, and Tundra can be heavy and the tread easily damaged. For Example, when the tires are aired down they can sometimes slip on the rim so the balance point moves. In wet muddy conditions, mud can adhere to the inside of the wheel throwing  the tire out of balance.counter act bead application

The traditional way of balancing tires uses static mounted weights on the rims to counter balance the heavy points in the tire/rim combination.  With the ever changing condition on off road tires and rims these balance points can change very quickly.

Bead balancing systems have been used on over the road truck tires for some time and they are now finding there way into off- road applications. So when planning to mount custom Wheels and specialized Tires it may be wise to give balancing beads a try. There are companies such as Counteract Balancing Beads, that will send you bags for this installation.

The beads can be added during the tire mounting so no additional balancing need be done on the wheels. Off-Road enthusiasts who take lengthy off-road trips report feeling no balance vibration from the tires. The application seems to have worked very effectively.

An added benefit of the balancing beads is there are no weights mounted on the outside of the rims which leads to a much cleaner installation.


Sunday, May 16th, 2010

The 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser ranks 9 out of 23 Affordable Midsize SUVs according to US News and World Report and is a four wheeler that is one of the best. This ranking is based on analysis of 66 published reviews and test drives of the Toyota FJ Cruiser, and analysis of reliability and safety cruiser

The eye-catching Toyota FJ Cruiser continues to impress reviewers with its unique, retro-inspired styling and solid off-road performance. However, the FJ’s interior and on-pavement ride have a lot of competition from other affordable SUVs.

Upon its 2007 introduction, the Toyota FJ Cruiser quickly wowed critics with its out-of-this-world looks and impressive off-road performance. And aided by enhancements for 2010, it continues to do so. The new model receives V6 engine enhancements resulting in 19 more horsepower and improved gas mileage, as well as suspension tweaks. The FJ’s overall value makes it a 2010 Best Off-Road SUV for the Money.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser comes in two trims, the base model and a new-for-2010 Special Edition — which adds off-road equipment and a trail-programmed navigation system. It’s available in either two- or four-wheel drive.

A brain-storm thought would be to offer an Fj Cruiser Convertible…Now this could be really cool. What would that look like? Check it Out Below…2007_toyota_fj-cruiser CONV.

If you’re interested in an FJ Cruiser, the improved fuel economy may make the new 2010 model worth your while.


Sunday, January 17th, 2010

In a U.S. News and World Report story distributed via Yahoo dubbed “The 10 Best Discontinued Cars,” the FJ Cruiser and Toyota Matrix were Mentioned. 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

It seems author Rick Newman spoke with an unnamed analyst at Kelley Blue Book  in an effort to help new car shoppers find exceptionally deep discounts on new cars. It gets messy though: As part of that process, Newman sought to:

“…identify models likely to be discontinued over the next couple of years. For some of these models, the manufacturers have confirmed that the car is being axed; others made the list because of strong indicators that they’re being discontinued, such as manufacturing changes or declining shipments to dealers.”

Note the word usage of “likely” and “next couple of years” coupled to that very misleading title. To Newman’s credit, he notes “unconfirmed” when discussing vehicles that haven’t been officially killed off, but, the title is misleading and the execution of the list itself has shades of a  disingenuous nature, particularly as it mixes vehicles that have already been officially nixed (Honda S2000, Mercury Sable, Pontiac G8, Saturn Sky, Volkswagen Jetta GLI) with end-of-life models likely to be replaced or die out such as (Chevrolet Colorado, Lexus SC430). There are also nameplates that have been facing declining or slow sales such as  the Toyota Matrix and FJ Cruiser listed and it is these vehicles we want to address here.

Curt McCallister, Toyota’s Midwest Public Relations Manager spoke about the fate of the Matrix and FJ Cruiser, and he offered us the following guidance:

“There are no plans to discontinue either model. The Yahoo story is erroneous in that it was based on conjecture from unnamed analysts from Kelley Blue Book. The reporter (Newman) was informed of the factual errors in his story, multiple times yesterday. He was also questioned on why we weren’t allowed to confirm or deny these assumptions. It was poor reporting that unfortunately has an Internet reach.”