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Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

We’re driving down the road  busy talking on the cell phone, yelling at the driver in front of us and jotting notes on our calendar and then all of a sudden CRASH!!!crash

Driving is a serious task that we exercise daily and whether a new driver or a seasoned one, we all forget the dangers that lurk at all times.

Here are the five worst driving errors–the ones that could kill you or someone else as identified by the insurance industry.

Never Do These Five Things While Driving:

No. 1. Multitasking

When you turn on the car, turn off the gadgets. No matter how busy your day is, when you’re on the road, focus only on driving. Catch up on other activities later and avoid unnecessary accidents.

No. 2. Follow too closely

Count: One thousand one. One thousand two. That’s about two seconds, and that’s the cushion that should be between you and the vehicle ahead. It could not only save your bumper, but also your life. Make sure to double or triple that time when the weather is bad or the pavement is slick.

No. 3. Failure to yield on a left-hand turn

Check the flow before you go. Also, look at the street onto which you are turning to make sure there are no vehicles or pedestrians in your path.

No. 4. Incorrect merging

That yield sign means just that: Yield–not stop. Accidents often occur when you are stuck behind a driver entering a highway who interprets yield as a dead stop. Don’t be the guilty party. Use the ramp as a means for merging into traffic, not causing it to back up.

No. 5. Backing up without looking

You don’t have eyes in the back of your head so look over your shoulder when you put the car in reverse. Remember, objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. Your side and rearview mirrors have a margin of error, so don’t rely on them alone. Look over your shoulder before backing up.