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Thursday, February 25th, 2010

We just had Toyota Executives up on Capital Hill being accused of “knowingly” building “Dastardly” Death Trap Products, unsuitable for Americans to drive…by Congress! Yes, by 10% Approval Rating Congress, board members of GM and Chrysler …I mean Folks, here’s  a big finger pointing exercise except there are “three bigger ones” pointing back the other way!pointed-finger

Today, Obama is set to come back around again with Obamacare, a health care product manufactured by Obama and Congress that is a Ticking Time Bomb Death Trap loaded with Design Flaws! Talk about a product guaranteed to “suddenly accelerate” to the Moon, debt wise that is; Here It Is…and how about Obama,… Man, he’s popping up with this Fraught Laiden Calamity in hand more often than Glenn Close in the movie “Fatal Attraction”.

The difference between Toyotas and Obamacare is that nobody’s forced to buy a Toyota. People buy them because they like them and Toyota owners are a loyal repeat customer base logging many years of trouble free satisfaction. A very small percentage of Toyota owners are affected with potential flaws here whereas all Americans will be forced to buy a health care product that is saturated with design flaws, one that weakens the company selling them, and one that puts the buyer, We Americans, at great personal risk.  And the worst thing about this, is that the CEO of this will not be subject to any recalls… You know…, Obama?