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Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Toyota is on the move again posting its first monthly sales increase since April, topping analysts’ estimates with the best U.S. light-vehicle sales pace in more than two years.                                 

Loving Toyota

Loving Toyota

Toyota deliveries rose 6.7 percent in November stated the automaker.

Sales of the Prius hybrid rose 49 percent to 15,208 and deliveries of the new 2012 Camry sedan climbed 13 percent to 23,440. The automaker exceeded five analysts’ average estimate for a 5 percent increase in November deliveries.

Four of the six largest automakers beat sales expectations, boosting industry sales to a 13.6 million seasonally adjusted annualized rate.  Pace exceeded the 13.4 million average estimate of 14 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg and is the best month since sales were helped by Cash for Clunkers in August 2009.

Some believe that consumers have been waiting for a surge. Several analyst in the industry believe that the cars consumers are driving are getting older and people are beginning to reach a point where they need or want to replace them. There is recession out there but there is a growing fatigue and people want to buy if they can.


Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Toyota used strategy to breath new life into idled robotics that now build the 2012 Camry with lower costs and a very competitive price structure.

Toyota Robots Building Camry

With false accusations, an erroneous government onslaught, earthquakes, tsunamis, and economic turmoil chipping away at sales and brand loyalty, Toyota knew when approaching a redesigned for the 2012 Camry that a priceincrease wasn’t an option. While Camry remains the best selling car in America, its lead has diminished  and competitors such as the Hyundai Sonata and the Ford Fusion have seen double-digit sales increases over the last year. Pricing the Camry over its competition, and in the midst of a recession, could positionthe car to customer push-back before it even hit the market.

One of Toyota’s primary production goals for the new Camry was cost containment. Wherever possible, the automaker looked to boost production efficiencies, and one way was to reuse existing production assets from idled facilities.

Building the 2012 Camry in Toyota’s Georgetown, Kentucky, plant are the same robots once used by NUMMI, the former Toyota-GM project facility in Fremont, Calif. The robots once welded up Toyota Matrix hatchbacks, but with fresh tooling and reprogramming, they’re now building the mid-size Camry sedan, cutting costs and keeping the pricing structure down.

Toyota won’t say how much it saved by repurposing the robots. Yet the new Camry is priced at an average of two percent less than the model it replaces. On higher-end models, the savings are even more significant.


Saturday, October 1st, 2011

The Toyota Engine Plant located in Huntsville, Alabama should have its own National Championship Honor along with The Auburn University and University of Alabama Football Programs.

Toyota Engine Team National Champions

The Factory has a team of 1000 employees who have worked, trained, overcome adversity , and fought to become the leading and only Toyota plant to produce 4-cylinder, V-6 and V-8 engines worldwide.

Beginning September 2011, the Huntsville factory production includes not only the V-6 and V-8 engines used in the Tundra and Tacoma trucks as well as the Sequoia SUV, but also the 4-cylinder engine used in the Rav4, Highlander, Venza, and the new 2012 Camry. The plant will supply nearly every auto factory in North America.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the plant’s beginning which now has an annual capacity to turn out 500,000 engines. The factory is running wide open.

It hasn’t always been that way. The Toyota Huntsville plant suffered greatly during the economic downturn in 2008 and 2009 when gas also reached $4.00 per gallon. No sooner had the factory moved past adjustments made due to the downturn when Toyota faced a mass global recall and governmental onslaught that caused even more sales and production distress.

Then, this past spring, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan damaged Toyota’s supplier operations creating parts shortages in America.

The Huntsville. Alabama facility waas included in a companywide production cutback and just last spring was operating only a day and a half a week.

Through it all, Huntsville team employees maintained optimism. Instead of layoffs, the company concentrated on learning, crosstraining, maintaining a steady schedule on non-production days, and something more…Last spring Toyota sent employees out into the community as a “Dreamteam” to help victims of the April 27 tornadoes that severly damaged areas of Alabama.

When the Huntsville. Alabama plant competed for the 4-cylinder engine project, it went against facilities in Japan, China, and Australia. the Huntsville team was ready though, thanks to learning, training, consistency, and optimism.

The Toyota Engine Team in Huntsville, Alabama  demonstrates that they can produce high quality, low cost engines of high reliability, QDR, as Toyota calls it and that gives the State of Alabama another National Championship Team!


Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Toyota says the 2012 Toyota Camry is “revolutionary”. We believe the 2012 Toyota Camry is new starting more from the “Inside Out”.

2012 Camry New Inside Out

2012 Camry New Inside Out

Toyota has a tough task addressing new changes to Camry, the top selling car 13 out of the past 14 years. When evaluating the 2012 Toyota Camry it’s helpful to understand where the car is coming from. Camry is a leading seller with significant long lasting appeal and it has been awarded best car awards and most reliable used car awards many many times. Ninety percent of all Camry automobiles sold since 1995 are still on the road today.

The question behind the question is what is the basis of Toyota Camry appeal. Camry has never been a styling magnet. It has never been the fastest, the best-handling, nor the car with all the gadgets in its segment. So what is the Camry appeal? The answer is what Toyota calls QDR; Quality, Durability, and Reliability. QDR is where it has won its loyal fan base and QDR is what can be seen in its routine ranking at the top of the charts that matter to most American motorists: initial quality, durability, and long-term reliability, as well as routinely best-in-class trade-in values. 

So Toyota’s recipe for continuous Camry significance has evolved into making enough outside appearance tweeks to entice a loyal repeat owner base while refining and upgrading Quality, Durability, Reliability, and Economy.

Even though 90% of the 2012 Toyota Camry parts have been “re-engineered”, the Camry continues to ride on the same platform as the outgoing model and you won’t have any trouble knowing the new 2012 model is a Camry.

The profile of the new 2012 Camry is very much like the outgoing model, substituting the current car’s rounded edges with more squared off corners. Other new exterior details include the headlamp corners and slight rear spoiler that were reworked to improve aerodynamics.

Working from the “inside out”, Toyota has engineered more “revolutionary” changes to the interior of the new 2012 Camry rather than the exterior. A new “floating” instrument panel design with detailed stitching that you’d find in a more expensive product has been incorporated into Camry. 

The layout of gauges and controls is a strong point in the new Camry. Toyota engineers have taken great pains to make sure drivers don’t have to take their eyes off the road for very long. Plus, unlike competitive models that have too many switches and dials on their touchscreen monitors, Toyota continues to feature plenty of easy to use knobs and switches for the functions motorists use most often.

The 2012 Camry has a more spacious feel with rear passengers getting an extra 2 inches of legroom comfort and trunk area is increased over the outgoing model. In addition, thanks to more high-strength steel and some creative engineering, the 2012 Toyota Camry is on average 150 to 200 pounds lighter, depending upon model.  This is increasing powertrain gas mileage across the board for the new 2012 Camry.

New Larger 2012 Camry Backseat

New Larger 2012 Camry Backseat

There are three powertrain choices for the 2012 Camry. 

  • The base car is standard with a 2.5-liter inline-four with 178 horsepower and mileage ratings of 25 mpg City, 35 Highway and 28 Combined, according to the EPA.
  • An optional 3.5-liter V-6 provides quite a bit more pep, at 268-hp and ratings on this powertrain at 21/30/25.
  • The single most impressive element of both of these powertrains is the 6-speed automatic transmission.  It is smooth with instant shift quality and is absolutely world-class.
  • The Hybrid powertrain scheduled to account for 11% of new Camry sales for 2012 has undergone extensive updating for 2012, downsizing key systems enough to carve out an additional 2.5 cubic feet of trunk space eliminating a frequent criticism of the previous Camry Hybrid. Mileage, for the LE hybrid model is 43 City, 39 Highway and 41 Combined. The XLE drops slightly to 41/38/40.  The LE provides as much as 650 miles range between fill-ups.There

There is high-tech gadgetry available. A 6.1-inch LCD screen for navigation and other systems is available and a 7-inch upgrade is offered on the Camry XLE.  Niceties like Bluetooth hands-free calling and USB connectivity are standard across the board on all models.

The new 2012 Camry will come with Toyota’s new infotainment system, Entune, which was named best-in-class at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show held in January.  Entune features an easy-to-use voice control, with redundant controls on the steering wheel.  The system links to a variety of smartphone apps, including Pandora Radio and OpenTable, which makes it easy to snag a restaurant reservation.

Safety systems include anti-whiplash seats, 10 standard airbags, larger 4-wheel disk brakes and brake-based systems such as electronic stability control.

Oh, There’s More…Toyota plans to sell 360,000 2012 Camrys in the United States and they have chosen to enhance the 2012 Toyota Camry’s appeal by cutting prices as much as $2,000, depending on the model. 

Look closely at the new 2012 Toyota Camry when it hits the Dealer Showroom in October. Our guess is that it will continue as the Number One Selling Car in America. It’s also our guess that the car will have enough enticement and heritage appeal to overcome any short term style fad itches you might have.

The 2012 Toyota Camry is new from the “Inside Out”  with enough outside appearance tweeks to entice a loyal repeat owner base while refining and upgrading Quality, Durability, Reliability, and Economy.


Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

The 2012 Camry, This is the real car driven off the assembly line today.

2012 Camry The Real Car

2012 Camry The Real Car

The new Camry is much like we showed back in May and dimensionally is very much as it has been for quite a while. There are new entertainment technologies, smarter looking interior appointments, and just enough outer flare to entice.

Selecting your new 2012 Camry will be easier with 36 build configurations, down from some 1200 previously.

Despite earthquakes, tsunamis, recalls with false accusations, parts shortages, and a current recession Toyota Camry has continued to be the best selling car for nine years including 2011. The new 2012 Camry with a distinguished history of quality, reliability, and value is expected to continued the distinction.

There are 6.8 million Toyota Camry automobiles on the road today and 90% of all Camrys built since 1995 are still going strong.

We’ll have more on the 2012 Camry. It hits Dealer showrooms in October and most of the models will have a lower sticker price than their 2011 counterparts.

It gets even better. The new 2012 Camry will be the Host Pace Car for the 2012 Daytona Five Hundred coming up in February!

2012 Camry Flys By

2012 Camry Flys By


Monday, June 27th, 2011

With the new 2012 Camry debut just around the corner, the most American car on American roads today is the Toyota Camry. According to a new ranking by Cars.com, Toyota Camry, for the third straight year, a product of Japan’s largest automaker, is the Most American Car.

All American Camry

All American Camry

The annual American-Made Index by Cars.com ranks the most-American vehicles based on percentage of their parts that are made domestically, where they are assembled and how many are sold to U.S. buyers.

Camry is made with 80% of the parts content coming from the USA. Most Camry models are made in Georgetown, Ky., and Lafayette, Ind.

Interestingly enough, the Ford Explorer, made in a Chicago factory, is on the top ten list with a higher percentage of domestic parts than Camry. But it doesn’t sell in as great a numbers as Camry, so it probably results in fewer American factory jobs.

In today’s global economy, it’s not easy to determine just how American a car is, stated a spokesperson for Cars.com. The fact is most cars built in the U.S., for example, are assembled using some parts that come from somewhere else. Also many U.S. automakers assemble vehicles in Canada and Mexico, while foreign automakers have plants in the U.S. 

Besides Camry, Toyota also has the Tundra (No. 9) and the Sienna (No. 6) on the Cars.com top ten list. GM also has three vehicles on the list, the first time since 2009. In addition to Chevy Malibu, they are Chevy Traverse {No. 8} and the GMC Acadia (No. 10). Honda got two spots in the top 10, while Ford and Chrysler each held one.

Despite the disaster in Japan, Cars.com stated it’s not a surprise to see the Camry in the No. 1 position again. Toyota Camry remains an incredibly popular vehicle. The high total sales numbers that Camry has results in a higher number of U.S. factory workers and a larger number of U.S. suppliers – all of which are good for America, good for Toyota, and contribute to Toyota’s ranking. The Cars.com index is another resource that car buyers can use to help guide their purchase decision.

New LED Technology For Automotive Headlight Lamps

Monday, December 27th, 2010

You have probably heard about a number of applications for LED technology, the LED traffic light around the corner, the bright and prettier automotive LED tail lights, stop lights and even the latest LED  headlights lights now available on Prius and other Toyota models.led headlight

For automotive giants Toyota and others, a new movement is about to come.  They are all actively working on the next generation of LED applications, the LED automotive headlight lamps.

The evolution from halogen headlight bulbs to LED headlight assembling means brighter and whiter lighting output, as well as longer lasting bulbs, (4 times longer lasting) with less energy consumption overall.

The brighter lighting output will provide better visibility therefore improving overall road safety.

The whiter color means the color temperature of LED headlight lamps is about 5000 kelvin to 5500 kelvin which is closer to the color of the sun light vs the halogen filament headlight bulbs’ yellowish 3500 kelvin.

An LED greater lifespan makes the headlight last “almost forever” with almost zero maintenance cost v.s. the halogen headlight’s shorter 500 working hour life, then replacement.

Toyota has introduced the new Prius with optional LED headlight lamps with other models to follow including Lexus models such as the LS600h and possibly a new 2012 Camry, Camry redesign.

In the short future, more cars will adopt the LED technology for headlight lamps for its brighter, whiter appearance, econ-friendly make-up, and long lasting characteristics.


Friday, December 17th, 2010

UPDATE AUGUST  2011:  2012 Camry, See The Real Car Here


This is a May 2011 image of a 2012 Toyota Camry that is the best we have at this point. Buyer acceptance of upcoming new Toyota cars and trucks will have a pivotal role in Toyota’s future as the number one car maker. A goal for a 2012 Camry redesign is to raise Camry’s image as a value alternative in the luxury car arena.

Camry 2012 Image

Camry 2012 Image

This car features an upscale exterior that expresses power and energy with Japanese overtones. With this image Toyota  shows a more substantial design, different  from it’s Lexus relatives, while animating headlights and adding horizontal design details that add a sense of width. The proposal of all exterior dimensions are no more than 20mm off the current Camry. Dimensions are approximately 4810MM *1825mm * 1470mm (L*W*H*)

From what we know, Engines  of 2012 Toyota Camry are expected to be the same as 7th generation Camry. The 3.5 V6 is mated  with a new six-speed automatic and produces 268 horsepower. The Camry will have  a standard 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine also mated  with a 6-speed transmission.

The car is scheduled to debute in the United States FAll 2011.