Engine Light: How Do You Reset Check Engine Light After An Oil Change

Written by gary on October 22nd, 2009

Here’s a Tutorial to Reset the Check Engine Light after Oil Change for most Late Model Toyota vehicles…check engine

Toyotas built over the last few years are set for the Check Engine Light to come on every 4500 miles as a reminder to change the oil.

For Owners who either change their own oil or have it changed through non Toyota service centers, The Engine Light  will come on, so here are the brief steps to turn off and Reset the Check Engine Light after Oil Changes:

  • Make sure mileage is set on total miles driven,(not on A or B) and with the engine off and in park,
  • Press the mileage button and hold,
  • Then switch the key to the on position, but don’t crank it.
  •  Hold the mileage button for 5 seconds and light should go off.
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