The [GL1] cable and software properly identified the problem so I was able to make the repair and…reset the check engine light. I could have allowed the vehicle to reset the light but my wife would not have enjoyed seeing the light while she waited to complete the required ignition cycles.  Although I’d like to see expanded functions – like the ability to view and reset non-trouble code warnings (specifically an erroneous spare tire air pressure warning from the TPMS in my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee), this one O2 sensor diagnostic and light reset was worth the cost of the cable. Knowing that the check engine light was caused by a voltage issue at one of the four O2 sensors and not a faulty O2 sensor saved me a good bit of testing and part swapping. Once I knew which sensor caused the code, I traced the wiring and found a partial break in one of that sensor’s four bundled/shielded wires.

I’m a diehard iPhone fan but I have never posted a review in the App Store. That will now change as the GoPoint GL1 Cable will be my first review and it will be positive.

Thanks again.


  1. I was verry impressed by this product. It’s easy to use and just plain fun to have at hand.
    Check and clear engine codes with ease! If your a car enthusiast I would recommend this to you, and I do!
  2. I recently used the goLINK to diagnose the OBDII codes for “check engine” in my 2001 Mazda minivan. I did not trust the dealership and wanted to know the codes myself. I was truly impressed with the ease of use and effectiveness of the product. Just download the free app, plug it in and scroll through the menus. This little device saved me hundreds of dollars in repair bills.
  3. Just starting out as a DIYer, I’d been looking into code readers but was put off by the price of many scan tools that can do more than pull the trouble codes. I was skeptical about this at first and spent weeks searching the internet for reviews. Then my SES light went on after doing some work myself and I finally decided to purchase this little cable. I couldn’t have been more pleased.Why I love it:

    Totally easy plug and play technology. Plug it in to the OBD II port and the iPhone, turn on the car, the iPhone vibrates once it has made the connection, start the app. That’s it. Awesome.

    Reads and clears DTCs. So instead of going to a mechanic and spending $50 for him or her to tell you you forgot to plug a sensor back in (or your gas cap is loose), you can find that out yourself. Scan your car and clear the codes twice and this thing has paid for itself.

    It DOES charge your iPhone–or at least provide A charge to your iPhone. If the iPhone is plugged in and you’re not running the app, the phone charges. If you’re running the app, the charge decreases, but very slowly. My assumption is that due to how resource heavy the app is, the drain on the battery is more than the incoming charge and so even though the phone is being “charged” you’re still going to loose some.

    All in all, this is a great little tool(/toy), and I look forward to it getting even better with updates to the app in the future.

  4. Bought this little cable amd used it to connect to my 2003 Chevy S10. Told me right away of a problem with my MAF Sensor. Bought a can of cleaner and WALLA, no more code! Then I ran the Gas Mileage APP from Go Link, Instant Gas Mileage Readings and in real time! Climb a hill, mileage drops a little, go down the other side, gas mileage goes up. Drive a consistent speed using the cruise cpontrol and it goes up to a very impressive number. Now I’m looking at other Dongles, this little cable was only a hundred bucks (On sale!) Worked right out of the box. My only complaint? Every once in a while you have to reset your iPhone, GoPoint Specifies as such in the accompanying instructions. SMALL PROBLEM, NOT A COMPLAINT! I mean HEY! You gotta reboot Windows every now and then, ain’t no big thing!
  5. Not much to say it is an ODB II connector to Iphone it charges phone and with golink software reads data from ODB port. Length is just right for me on rare occasion the data would not come through but I really think it is the connector on phone not connector on cable (replug a few times and it worked) Would recommend to any one that wants to read ODB to Iphone


Straight from Motor Trend: [The GL1 is] the ultimate app for the car nut/Apple addict on your list. The GL1 kit provides an Apple-approved connection to link your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic (OBDII) port with your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. Then, by running GoPoint’s free software your smart player/phone/pad gizmo becomes an onboard mechanic, keeping track of your fuel economy and monitoring the status of other vehicle systems. Did you ever wonder how fast your catalytic converter really warms up on a sub-zero day?

BUY NOW! GoPoint Technology GL1 OBD-II Accessory for iPhone/iPod/iPadMP3 Player Chargers)

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