Written by gary on January 17th, 2010

In a U.S. News and World Report story distributed via Yahoo dubbed “The 10 Best Discontinued Cars,” the FJ Cruiser and Toyota Matrix were Mentioned. 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

It seems author Rick Newman spoke with an unnamed analyst at Kelley Blue Book  in an effort to help new car shoppers find exceptionally deep discounts on new cars. It gets messy though: As part of that process, Newman sought to:

“…identify models likely to be discontinued over the next couple of years. For some of these models, the manufacturers have confirmed that the car is being axed; others made the list because of strong indicators that they’re being discontinued, such as manufacturing changes or declining shipments to dealers.”

Note the word usage of “likely” and “next couple of years” coupled to that very misleading title. To Newman’s credit, he notes “unconfirmed” when discussing vehicles that haven’t been officially killed off, but, the title is misleading and the execution of the list itself has shades of a  disingenuous nature, particularly as it mixes vehicles that have already been officially nixed (Honda S2000, Mercury Sable, Pontiac G8, Saturn Sky, Volkswagen Jetta GLI) with end-of-life models likely to be replaced or die out such as (Chevrolet Colorado, Lexus SC430). There are also nameplates that have been facing declining or slow sales such as  the Toyota Matrix and FJ Cruiser listed and it is these vehicles we want to address here.

Curt McCallister, Toyota’s Midwest Public Relations Manager spoke about the fate of the Matrix and FJ Cruiser, and he offered us the following guidance:

“There are no plans to discontinue either model. The Yahoo story is erroneous in that it was based on conjecture from unnamed analysts from Kelley Blue Book. The reporter (Newman) was informed of the factual errors in his story, multiple times yesterday. He was also questioned on why we weren’t allowed to confirm or deny these assumptions. It was poor reporting that unfortunately has an Internet reach.”

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