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5 / 5 Stars  I tried it thinking I’d just stop the process as soon as things got weird, but with each step I actually got more comfortable. The way they do it really makes sense. It just simplifies everything. I highly recommend giving them a try. The time it saves you alone is invaluable. The entire process from beginning to end took less than 2 days. I did spend a few days shopping around at dealers before them, and my experience was a tremendous waste of time. My carsdirect price was $700 less than my dealer price and my time wasn’t wasted while a salesman, repeated, “lemme go back to my manager and see what he can do,” several times before finally telling me he couldn’t even get close to my target price. The dealer also tried to get me to spend more by buying the next model up just because it was “an even better deal.” Carsdirect found the car I asked for, with the options I wanted, for the price I wanted. I’ll use them again when the time comes. [Bought 2010 Sonata]

5/5 Stars Pros: Good price, No hassle with visiting dealers, Didn’t have to negotiate …Cons: If you like to haggle with dealers… CarsDirect — CarsDirect is a great…By billholden

 5/5 Stars  Just bought a Toyota Tacoma using Cars Only way to buy a new vehicle. They beat the dealers price by 4000.00 and no overpriced dealer addons that I don’t want or need.(which dealer insisted they to include and couldn’t be removed) I dealt with one Cars rep the entire time she was very professional and kept me informed of the progress of the deal and was very easy to work with. Got me top dollar for my trade in, and the exact vehicle with options that I wanted. The delivery went on without a hitch and I was out the dealership door in 20 minutes when I went to pickup my new vehicle. Only thing I would say is to do your homework on the car you want, go to a dealer and look at the vehicles. Get the Vin number of the car you like and list of options and give it to Cars Direct so there are no problems. Would use Cars again…by fasinfrank

4/5 Stars It’s actually pretty cool. It’s almost like priceline for cars, but you don’t have to give your credit card up front. You tell them what a you want, and they search through a network of dealers to find the lowest priced car with the options you want, then you choose to buy or not buy. I suggest doing your homework first of course, and using the pricing sites online to figure out high end and low end. is good for this. They give dealer invoice pricing and it seems pretty accurate. If you don’t mind wasting a salesman’s time, (heh), maybe even go into a dealer first to find out how good of a deal you can get on the car you want in person. THEN go to carsdirect and make sure you get a better price. That’s the way I did it. From what I can tell, my final price was about $300 under invoice. Also, it’s REALLY nice not having to deal with the pressure of a salesman. That was perhaps the greatest benefit for me. No Stress, and I didn’t feel like someone was trying to take advantage of me. I have to buy my daughter a car in a few months and this is probably the way I’ll go.[Bought 2011 GMC Terrain]

5/5 Stars Just bought a new Toyota Highlander using It was an easy and pleasant experience. I did purchase the Consumer Reports price report on the car (the free sources do not tell you the “holdback”, the amount below “invoice” the dealer really pays) and they indicate that if you can get a car 4%-8% above their real cost to the dealer you have gotten a good deal. I paid just below a 5% markup (including a somewhat bogus “document fee” I had to pay) of this figure for my Highlander so I am satisfied I got a good deal. Had I gone to all the dealers in my area, played one off the other and really bargained could I have gotten a cheaper price? Quite likely. But, it was not worth my time to save a few bucks as long as I was getting a pretty good deal.

The process was very easy with I configured my dream car and submitted the request. Got a call within a day from a rep who went over the cars actually in inventory. Did not get quite my configuration but close.

At no time did the price deviate from the web price except for the addition of the $180 document fee (this is not the government registration fees) which I did not like but which I have been told is fairly common (along with “advertising fees”, of which there was thankfully no mention).

At the end they tried to sell an extended warranty and Lojack but it was not a particularly hard sell and the rep backed off quickly once I told them I was not interested.

Once I agreed to the deal I was directed to the actual dealer and went there to pick up the car. Since the deal was all done I did not need to sit through any attempts by the dealer to sell “extras” as I have every other time I bought a car. This was very welcome.

All in all the easiest car I ever bought.

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