Written by gary on April 25th, 2010

*Fewer Recalls For 20 Years Than Any Brand*80% All Toyotas Still On The Road Today!
*Camry is Motor Trend's Top Mid-Size Car Again For 2010*Toyotas Typically Have The Shortest Stopping Distance
*Toyota Listed 5 Of Top 8 Best Value Rankings 2010*Camry Has A Shorter Stopping Distance From 70 MPH Over Accord And Others
*Toyota Listed 11 Of Top 31 Vehicle Segments Best Value Rankings 2010*Camry Has A 60/40 Folding Rear Seat & Trunk Pass Through
*Avalon Is The Best Full Size Car Value By Intellichoice*Toyotas Typically Have Better Maneuverability In Tight Situations
*Sequoia,Highlander,FJ All Top Value SUVS*Toyota Models Have No Maintenance Engine Timing Chains
*Tacoma Is Best Value Mid-size Truck*Toyota Engines Operate At Low Temps And RPMs For Longevity
*Sienna Is Best Van On The Market*Toyota Body Fit Tolerences Are Precise And Consistent
*Toyota Owners Most Satisfied And Repeat Buyers Of All*Toyota Models Have Excellent Body Aerodynamics
*Exclusive Driver Knee Airbag On Camry And Others*Toyotas Are Built Of Rust-Resistant Excelite II Steel
*Standard Daylight Running Lights*Toyota Bodies Are Dipped In Rust-Resistant Phosphate Baths
*Tilt-Telescopic Steering Wheel Std Most Models*Toyotas Have 4 Coats Of Paints
*Heat And Noise Reducing Glass On Most Models*Toyotas Have Anti-Chip Paint On Chip-Prong Areas!
*Unibody Construction For Strength, Safety On Cars*Toyota Body Structures Are Tight & Have Over 4000 Spot Welds!
*Body-On-Frame Construction On Trucks For Load Capacity, Towing*Toyotas Use Fluid Filled Motor Mounts That Eliminate Vibration
*Toyota Models Have Low Coefficient Of Drag For Greater Efficiency*Toyota Teflon Coats All Fastening Points, Everything Is 100 Times Tighter
*Exclusive Star Safety System Std On Toyota Models*Toyota Torque & Horsepower Are At The Top In Each Model Class!
*Multiplex Wiring, Allows Single Function, High Reliability*Toyota Uses Multistage Airbags That Gauge Seat Position & Impact!
*Tire Pressure Monitor System On Most Toyota Models*Toyotas Have A Protective Safety Cage Construction Much Like Race Cars
*Toyota Yaris Is One Of The Most Reliable Cars On The Road!*Side Impact Airbags Are Standard On All Toyota Vehicles!
*All Toyota Vehicles,Trucks Have High Reliabilities!*Toyota VVT Engines Have Teflon Coated Pistons For Long Life!
*Toyota has Accident Deflecting Frames Called Tailored Blanks!*Toyotas Have Dual Balance Engine Shafts, Eliminates Engine Vibration!
*Toyotas Are The Most Reliable Used Vehicles Reported By Consumer Reports*Toyotas Have Sound Deadening Asphalt Sheeting Around The Cabin
*Camry Awarded Best Car Over 20 Times By Consumer Digest!*Camry Has Power Seat & Keyless Entry As Standard Equipment!
*Camry Is The Quitest Car In It's Class!*Corolla Is The Most Reliable Name Plate Historically Over 35 Years

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  1. Joshua's Law says:

    Really if we look through the history of Toyota, we didn’t find any major issues related to safety or manufacturing, which make us love Toyota vehicles, all of sudden there are these complaints about Toyota, but due to my last 10 yrs experience & love with Toyota I will buy another Toyota. I believe in and Love Toyota now and into the future.