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Monday, June 27th, 2011

With the new 2012 Camry debut just around the corner, the most American car on American roads today is the Toyota Camry. According to a new ranking by Cars.com, Toyota Camry, for the third straight year, a product of Japan’s largest automaker, is the Most American Car.

All American Camry

All American Camry

The annual American-Made Index by Cars.com ranks the most-American vehicles based on percentage of their parts that are made domestically, where they are assembled and how many are sold to U.S. buyers.

Camry is made with 80% of the parts content coming from the USA. Most Camry models are made in Georgetown, Ky., and Lafayette, Ind.

Interestingly enough, the Ford Explorer, made in a Chicago factory, is on the top ten list with a higher percentage of domestic parts than Camry. But it doesn’t sell in as great a numbers as Camry, so it probably results in fewer American factory jobs.

In today’s global economy, it’s not easy to determine just how American a car is, stated a spokesperson for Cars.com. The fact is most cars built in the U.S., for example, are assembled using some parts that come from somewhere else. Also many U.S. automakers assemble vehicles in Canada and Mexico, while foreign automakers have plants in the U.S. 

Besides Camry, Toyota also has the Tundra (No. 9) and the Sienna (No. 6) on the Cars.com top ten list. GM also has three vehicles on the list, the first time since 2009. In addition to Chevy Malibu, they are Chevy Traverse {No. 8} and the GMC Acadia (No. 10). Honda got two spots in the top 10, while Ford and Chrysler each held one.

Despite the disaster in Japan, Cars.com stated it’s not a surprise to see the Camry in the No. 1 position again. Toyota Camry remains an incredibly popular vehicle. The high total sales numbers that Camry has results in a higher number of U.S. factory workers and a larger number of U.S. suppliers – all of which are good for America, good for Toyota, and contribute to Toyota’s ranking. The Cars.com index is another resource that car buyers can use to help guide their purchase decision.


Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Toyota will be Number One with an Extra Dash and Pinch of Style and Optimism mixed in.


The U.S. economy is in one of it’s worst hours at the moment. Almost 20% of the work force are unable to find full time employment to support themselves. There is a shortage of private sector jobs and far to many people are employed by the government. Private sector jobs fuel the economy where government jobs produce nothing. The government prints money and pays employees. That adds to government debt way into the trillions, only to end up in the hands of citizens as major tax burden. Americans are unable to buy and sell homes so the housing market is almost disfunctional. the American system can over come all of this. A change in government officials and policies in the coming 24 months can put America on the road to restoration of vitality and optimism.


When that happens we believe that American car buyers are going to be looking for not only the expected reliability, but also bright fresh dynamic styling cues that emote that vitality and optimism. This is not unlike what happened in the early 1950’s after World War II. During those years after the war vitality and optimism flourished, particularly by the mid 1950’s. Looking back, there appears to have been a dramatic change that took place between 1954 and 1955. It’s like the world suddenly changed from black and white visually to technicolor. This was distinctively reflected in the change in car styling and colors between 1954 and 1955 through 1960.

Check out the pictures of two mid fifties American cars below. These are actually professionally built scale models of a 1957 Dodge Royal Lancer and a 1956 Mercury Montclair Convertible in original color options. Notice how bright and optimistic the colors and trim are on these cars.

1957 Dodoge Scale Model1956 Mercury Convertible Scale Model

We have a similar stage being set for the near future and Toyota has a tremendous opportunity here. Looking around at new cars being introduced, there are many with exciting design elements. Toyota needs to pick up on this quickly. At the moment, the Toyota line-up is showing some age compared to many fresh new designs from other manufacturers. Fresh design definitely needs to be part of the new Toyota equation.


Here is a recent Toyota design sketch we found  for a two door coupe. We know that two door cars are not the big sellers at this time. But, the design cues on this model are striking compared to current Toyota design elements. We’d like to see this car, I don’t know that we will.

2012 Toyota Concept

Toyota’s opportunity to be Number One over the next couple of years is not only to bring to us the expected reliability but to also bring to us brighter fresher designs and colors that represent optimism that America needs and is ready for.

Toyota Will be Number One With An Added Pinch Of Style And An Extra Dash Of Color and Optimism!

These are our thoughts and observations at a critical point for both Toyota and America. What are your thoughts and comments?


Thursday, June 16th, 2011

It doesn’t look like a Toyota Prius but it’s design is based on one. Toyota has commissioned Parlee Cycles to create a bicycle based on Prius design principles to

Parlee Prius Bike

Parlee Prius Bike

commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the Prius and a decade of environmentally sustainable transportation.

Parlee is developing this state-of the art, ultra efficient bicycle in an effort to encompass the best of both the auto and non-auto transportation worlds.
Despite the fact that bicycle design has stayed relatively the same throughout the years, the design team decided to look at all the different possibilities, using inspiration from city, road, and touring bikes, and combining it with some Prius inspired principles. The designers are calling the preliminary design an Aero Road Bike.

The Bike Frame uses carbon fiber tubing for it’s design.  Carbon fiber tubing is a lightweight, aerodynamic, stiff and seamless material, perfect for racing thus yielding a good flexible bike. Although carbon fiber isn’t exactly recyclable, Parlee minimizes their waste by reusing all scraps in the bike design. The carbon fiber tubing is then covered with a raw black finish, giving it an elegant look. The mold is overlaid on the tubing along with resin.

The Bike is still in first stage development and much of the design details are being kept a secret on what could be a revolutionary Bike. 
Could this be Toyota’s alternative for those who can’t afford Prius? Just Kidding…


Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Buying a New Car on the Internet…The times, well, they are a-changing.

According to recent consumer reports nearly 50% of consumers would like to buy a new car online over the Internet. There’s truth in those findings. Going to the local car dealer these days can be like having Your 15 minutes of fame at a time when you least want it. You get bombarded with to much sales attention and sales control before you’re ready for it. It seems the only time you can visit with any peace is when they are closed, perhaps on Sunday; and even then many dealers are open just to get a leg-up on you! 

Calling the local car dealer can be the opposite experience; They treat you as if you’re Dead! It’s hard to get them on the phone, it’s hard to get them to get back to you or they take forever to get back to you, or when they do get back to you they won’t tell you much because they want you to Come To The Dealership To Control You!

Buying A New Car Online Over The Internet:

  • Puts You In Control
  • Slows Things Down
  • Doesn’t Take All Day Or Several Full Days
  • Get Exactly What You Want Not What They Want You To Take
  • You Control Negotiation And Cut Out All The Back And Forth
  • You’re Able To Live Your Normal Daily Life While Buying The Car


When buying a new car on the Internet it helps to know what car or truck you want. There are a number of places where you can actually built the car you want online complete with all the accessories you want and get a close estimate within a couple of hundred dollars of the dealer cost and list price of the car. Be sure to pay attention and add in transportation and regional distribution expenses when they apply. they will be part of the cost structure.

Kelly Blue Book is one of the best places online to build your dream car. when you build your car there be sure to build it using the Select and Add Options button.

When you are knowledgeable about cost and price of the car you want you can buy the car anywhere you want. You also want to have knowledge of the Current Incentives that are offered on the car you want. Toyota-Alabama has current incentives for Toyota models for every region.

Another requirement for buying a car online over the Internet is that you find the Haggling Process distasteful. Buying online can cut that out.


It’s a little different. But people buy all kinds of things over the Internet all the time. New cars are new cars are new cars; they are built these days under stringent guidelines and automated tolerences. They all come with strong Factory Warranties that are honorable at all authorized Dealerships. If you have further problems there are plenty of places online and offline to take measures. Personally, we’ve  bought many vehicles new and used online with no problems. Be sure to cover the details and all should go well.

WHAT ABOUT MY TRADE?  No Problem, CarsDirect.com can handle your trade also. Don’t forget to tell them you have a trade.


It needs to be said that if you need a lot of test drives, like to haggle with the back and forth, need a lot of hand-holding, or a lot of tire-kicking, then buying a new car online over the Internet may not be for you. But it’s more widely seen that clearly consumers value their time more than haggling at the car dealership. Can you say Netflix Generation?


CarsDirect.com is the Best Place to Buy New or Used Cars Online or Over the Internet. They have an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars by consumers!

Check Out Those Reviews Here!

CarsDirect.com has been rated the #1 site for buying New Cars online by Forbes, Time, PC Magazine and PC World, among others.

  • Offer low, no-haggle prices and have a huge selection of new and used cars for sale.
  • Buying a new car online through CarsDirect is easy, a Vehicle Specialist will contact you quickly and help you through the entire car buying process.
  • You can buy your next new car from a dealer, They will match your needs with a member of their certified dealer network near you. Your VIP dealer representative will work with you to find your vehicle and negotiate a low price.
  • Want a used Car? You can search and buy using the intuitive Used Car search section. CarsDirect.com offers a huge selection newer model year pre-owned cars. Finding the right used car for sale has never been more convenient.
  • Thousands of happy customers buy cars through CarsDirect.com every month. Who knew it was so easy to buy new cars online?

If You Are in the Market for a New or Newer Car or Truck, we encourage you to visit CarsDirect.com. There is a Link before each article or you can Click below

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Monday, June 13th, 2011

Toyota and Microsoft plan to participate in a $12 million investment in Toyota Media Service Co., a TMC subsidiary that offers digital information services to Toyota automotive customers. They plan to implement telematics



applications using Windows Azure platform technology, which includes Windows Azure and Microsoft SQL Azure, starting with TMC’s electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in 2012.

Telematics refers to automobile systems that integrate computing, wireless communications, and GPS for sending and receiving information that provide a variety of emergency and navigational services to motorists. Telematics devices allow a driver to interact with his vehicle in his own voice to browse the Internet, send and receive e-mails, receive live traffic updates, listen to satellite radio, and perform various other activities. In emergency situations the telematics system sends a message to an operator. Within seconds, after confirming the safety of the passengers, the operator sends help. The GPS unit tells the operator where to send the police and ambulance. The best part is that all these things can be done hands-free.

Toyota’s goal is to have a complete global cloud platform positioned by 2015 that will provide affordable and advanced telematics services to Toyota automotive customers around the world. Trials are being conducted in Japan through the Toyota Smart Center pilot program, with plans to link people, automobiles and homes for integrated control of energy consumption. Toyota believes that as electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles become more popular, such systems will rely more on telematics services for achieving efficient energy management.

Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota has stated that the new partnership between Microsoft and Toyota is an important step in developing greater future mobility and energy management for consumers around the world to develop a new link between vehicles, people and smart center energy-management systems.


Saturday, June 11th, 2011


Every Toyota Tundra Owner Needs One Of These! Its a fitted Storage Compartment That fits Under the Rear Seat.

                Great Gift Idea Anytime!
Du Ha Custom Storage For Every Truck Owner

Whether you’re a contractor, sportsman or simply someone looking for a great way to organize your pickup truck, the DU-HA is perfect for you. The DU-HA allows you to store your guns, ammunition, hunting gear, fishing rods and reels, tackle, GPS, binoculars, power tools, rain gear, tow ropes, tie down straps, first aid kit, bungee straps, jack, hats, boots, gloves, jackets, chains, jumper cables, spare batteries, etc. safely and securely either under or behind the back seat of your pickup truck.

Perfect For Hunters And Guns

The DU-HA includes a 2 piece gun rack/organizer, so you can safely store your guns in their upright position. The DU-HA acts as a legal gun case in most states and carries 2-4 guns depending on the configuration for your truck.

  • All DU-HA storage units come with a 30 day money back guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.
  • Every DU-HA is constructed of heavy duty polyethylene and is virtually indestructible
  • Available For All Makes And Models

Du Ha Made For Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra  Cab DU-HA is custom designed to fit underneath your pre-existing back seat and is available in matching interior colors. It’s constructed from heavy duty polyethylene and comes with a lifetime warranty. This model acts as a legal gun case in most states and will hold 2 guns.

Installation is a Snap!

Check Out All These Testimonials! 

Scroll down for more photos and information…

If you DO NOThave the factory subwoofer underneath your back seat, you will need one of these part numbers.   If you DO have the factory subwoofer underneath your back seat, you will need one of these part numbers.
Black Part # 60051   Black Part # 60061
Dk Gray Part # 60052   Dk Gray Part # 60062
Tan Part # 60053   Tan Part # 60063


Summer Sale Discount Through June 27th Click Banner Order Now!

Photos below show the model without the factory subwoofer underneath the rear seats.

Seats shown in latched up position. This truck does not have the factory subwoofer underneath the rear seats.

Both seats shown in
latched down position.
DU-HA shown installed
under the rear seats.
The DU-HA with no dividers can accomodate larger items.
Picture shows the DU-HA with the divider installed. The divider is included at no extra charge.
Organizers/gun rack slide onto the divider and slide into the channel slots in the DU-HA.

The DU-HA with no dividers can accomodate larger items.

Picture shows the DU-HA with the divider installed.

The divider is included at
no extra charge.

Organizers/gun rack slide onto the divider and slide into the channel slots in the DU-HA.

2-piece organizer/gun rack set is included at no extra charge.

Picture shows the DU-HA with 1 seat down.
The DU-HA acts as a legal gun case in most states with seats latched down. Gun rack/organizers are made of a soft material so they won't damage guns.
This DU-HA will hold 2 rifles with scopes, 2 shotguns, or one of each...and much more!
Picture shows the DU-HA
with 1 seat down.
The DU-HA acts as a legal gun case in most states with seats latched down.
Gun rack/organizers are made of a soft material so they won’t damage guns.

This DU-HA will hold 2 rifles with scopes, 2 shotguns, or one of each…and much more!

Perfect for the sportsman. Does your back seat look like this?
...or like this? Take all your hunting supplies...
...and store them safely & securely out of sight underneath your rear seat!
Perfect for the sportsman.
Does your back seat
look like this?
…or like this?
Take your hunting supplies…
…and store them safely & securely underneath your seat!
Great for construction use. Don't let your back seat look like this...
...have it look like this! No more items taking up floor and seating space.
The Toyota Tundra DU-HA comes in 3 matching interior colors. Dk Gray, Black, & Tan.
Great for construction use.
Don’t let your back seat
look like this…
…have it look like this!
No more items taking up floor
and seating space.

The Toyota Tundra DU-HA comes in 3 matching interior colors.
Colors shown, from top to bottom: Dk Gray, Black, & Tan.

Photo shows the removable divider and gun rack/organizers completely unassembled.
Photo shows the divider and gun rack/organizers assembled.
Photo shows the divider and gun rack/organizers completely assembled.

Photo shows the removable divider and gun rack/organizers completely unassembled.

Photo shows the divider and gun rack/organizers assembled.
Photo shows the divider and gun rack/organizers completely assembled.
The DU-HA is perfect for storing your guns safely out of sight!
The DU-HA will even hold guns in soft cases.
These models will fit with the factory floor mats.
The DU-HA is perfect for storing your guns safely out of
The DU-HA will even hold guns in soft cases.


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Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Toyota announced today that public voting for its “100 Cars for Good Philanthropy” program is now open for public vote through August 16 on Toyota’s Facebook page. The program will award 100 vehicles over the course

Toyota 100 Cars For Philanthropy

Toyota 100 Cars For Philanthropy

of 100 days to 100 deserving nonprofit organizations based on those votes from the public.

The program, for non-profit organizations, seeks to select the most deserving 100 organizations servicing the community across a broad range of categories including animal welfare, arts, education, environment, health, safety and human services, among others. A group of 500 finalists have been chosen by an independent panel of judges, experts in fields of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.

Beginning today, five organizations per day will be profiled on Toyota’s Facebook page where the public is invited to show their support by voting daily to help determine the winning nonprofit organization. 
500 Non Profit Finalists
Each of the 500 nonprofit organizations selected as finalists have created an online profile, which may include a video showcasing how the organization plans to use a new Toyota vehicle to do good in their local community. Voters may place one vote per day, each day, over the course of the program. 
Each day, the previous day’s winner will be announced and five new nonprofit organizations will be featured for voting.  
Winner Organizations Winner Cars
Winning organizations can choose from the following vehicles:  Toyota Prius, Tacoma, Tundra, Highlander Hybrid, Sienna or Sienna Mobility. With each vehicle, Toyota Financial Services will provide a six-year, 100,000 mile Toyota Vehicle Service Agreement to help provide extended protection beyond the vehicle warranty.
About Toyota
Toyota (NYSE: TM) established operations in the United States in 1957 and currently operates 10 manufacturing plants, including one under construction. Toyota directly employs nearly
30,000 in the U.S. and its investment here is currently valued at more than $18 billion, including sales and manufacturing operations, research and development, financial services and design.
Toyota is committed to being a good corporate citizen in the communities where it does business and believes in supporting programs with long-term sustainable results. Toyota supports numerous organizations across the country, focusing on education, the environment and safety. Since 1991, Toyota has contributed more than $500 million to philanthropic programs in the U.S. 


Monday, June 6th, 2011

Banging your head on the steering wheel everytime a Check Engine Light goes on, is nothing new. Look we’re all stretched these days, money’s tight and it’s tough to find time for that wicked Check Engine Light when it lights up. But for the fear of being stranded in the middle of rush traffic or on a dark two lane road late at night you reluctantly wheel your car into the  mechanic and he checks it over and opens up with something like, Wow, good thing you brought it on in, just in the nick of time too, I don’t think it would have made it another mile.

First of all, the Check Engine Light is usually not a Panic situation. it usually is a computer problem, or something as simple as needing to tighten the gas cap. There are times when the Check Engine Light On indicates something shouldn’t wait.

When a check engine light comes on, the on board computer stores a code that will point to the direction of the malfunction. It’s like a treasure map with the malfunction being your treasure. It doesn’t necessarily tell you exactly what is wrong but with the code you (or a technician) can determine what’s ailing your baby.

Let’s say the code “p0171, oxygen sensor indicates lean” shows up, causing your check engine light to glow. It doesn’t mean the oxygen sensor is bad, it just means that the oxygen sensor is stuck lean. Now there could be several reasons for this; the engine could be running lean because of a number of problems, or the oxygen sensor is lazy and may actually need to be replaced. However, a bad oxygen sensor should set a oxygen sensor code as well.

Of course.Replacing a oxygen sensor sounds less threatening than replacing your transmission; but, isn’t it amazing how quickly many auto mechanics will charge $100 just to pull a code and then tell you that the Check Engine Light will go off when you replace so and so and also this and that…The Check Engine Light On has become a vital commodity to mechanics, just like a pop up ad on your computer, but they don’t have to pay for this ad, it’s a gift.

There’s an easier way to solve that Check Engine Light Dilemma! If you’ve got an iPhone, iPad, or iPod? and 5 seconds to spare? Buy the GL1 Diagnostic Cable App and turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod into a vehicle diagnostic tool for Check Engine Light codes plus other neat stuff!


Connect the GL1 Cable to your vehicle OBD-ll data port using your iPhone, IPad, or iPod touch capability to decode Check Engine, view fuel economy, reduce your carbon footprint, and determine if your vehicle is safe. It takes about 5 seconds to install! This is state of the art high-tech/high-touch technology!


  • Decode Check Engine Light
  • View Live Streaming Engine Data
  • Charge Your iPhone
  • iPhone Diagnostic App Included
  • Field Upgrade Your Cable With Software Options
  • Winner Of Popular Mechanics Best Product Award!

Check out the article we recently did on the GL1 Cable App to Solve the Check Engine Light Dilemma!

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Use the GoPoint GL1 to decode your Check Engine Light and do a little research on your on. Research is a little like homework, you don’t have to do it, but, if you ignore it, you’ll certainly regret it. Almost all car repair questions can now be answered online, right at your fingertips. Dedicated sites such as Automotive Experts Online troubleshoot car problems, such as check engine lights for Honda Accord or Toyota check engine lights, and offer safe and reliable auto advice that’s cheap and fast.

So with GL1 Cable App, here’s a great way to take control. Solve your Check Engine Light On problem now, get your research done before going to the mechanic, and then go in with confidence knowing what you are in for.

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Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Here’s an iPhone App that keeps you awake while driving!

Falling asleep at the wheel while driving is the cause for nearly 20% of all car crashes and 12% of near crashes according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The accidents amount to 100,000 deaths or injuries each year.

Many of us, Toyota owner or other makes, have experienced drowsiness while driving. While in-car systems that detect potential nodding off at the wheel are available in a few luxury cars, a new iPhone application should help bring a similar solution to masses.

The Anti Sleep Pilot App helps you calculate your fatigue levels and either helps keep you awake or recommends that you pull over to rest. The program works through its own algorithms, with help from your phone’s GPS and accelerometer, to gauge any potential trouble.


Anti Sleep Pilot will learn your driving habits by asking  you to complete a short test to determine your personal risks. While you’re driving, the program monitors your potential for fatigue, partially based off duration, your risk profile, and driving data.

To keep you alert, the app will ask you to complete simple tasks, like pushing a button on your phone’s screen. When fatigue reaches critical levels, the program will audibly and visually signal that it’s time to pull over and take a break.


The app costs a little money, $20, a lot in the world of Apps; but not a lot to perhaps save your life! Anti Sleep Pilot  works only with the iPhone 3G and 4 right now. A non-phone version is available for preorder —It’s a small, hockey puck-shaped button that essentially performs the same task. It’s also $20.

Click The Button To Buy Now!

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Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Toyota has announced a recall of 106,000 Generation 1 Prius models built between 2001 and 2003 with 52,000 of those units sold in the United States.

Generation One Prius

Generation One Prius

Based on a minor accident investigation, Toyota says that if the steering wheel is strongly turned to the full lock position over and over again, the electric power steering pinion shaft nuts may become loose. Over time, that may result in the driver having to exert more force than typically necessary to turn left.

Owners can expect to be notified of the recall in early July, and the repair (in which dealers will replace the electric power steering pinion shaft nuts with new equipment) is expected to take around four hours.

Also, a small number of Sienna and Venza all-wheel drive models are being recalled for an improper driveshaft heat treatment issue. Owners will be notified in June 2011 for for proper remedy.