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Friday, May 27th, 2011

Solve that Check Engine Light Dilemma Now! Got iPhone, iPad, or iPod? Like iPhone Apps? Got 5 seconds to spare? Buy the GL1 Diagnostic Cable and turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod into a vehicle diagnostic tool for Check Engine Light codes plus other neat stuff!

GoPoint GL1 Cable  is a Popular Mechanics Best Breakthrough Product Award Winner!

For you and your loved ones’ safety and peace of mind the GL1 Cable iPhone App code reader/scan tool will address your vehicle to decode and translate the dreaded Check Engine Light.                                                                                           

Breakthrough Winner

Breakthrough Winner

  • What Does The Check Engine Light Mean?
  • Is Your Vehicle Safe To Drive?
  • Will It Cost A Fortune To Fix? 

You can find out quickly and painlessly using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It’s like having your own personal mechanic riding next to you!


Plug the GL1 Cable into your vehicle’s diagnostic OBD-II data port, download the free App, and instantly diagnose your vehicle. GoPont GL1  Works with Toyota and:

  • All 1996 Model Year and newer gasoline & diesel vehicles sold in the USA
  • All 2004 Model Year and newer petrol & diesel vehicles sold in the European Union

Look at these amazing GL1 Cable features:            

GoPoint GL1 Cable

GoPoint GL1 Cable


  • Decode Check Engine Light
  • View Live Streaming Engine Data
  • Charge Your iPhone
  • iPhone Diagnostic App Included
  • Field Upgrade Your Cable With Software Options
  • Winner Of Popular Mechanics Best Product Award!


Connect the GL1 Cable to your vehicle OBD-ll data port using your iPhone, IPad, or iPod touch capability to decode Check Engine, view fuel economy, reduce your carbon footprint, and determine if your vehicle is safe. This is state of the art high-tech/high-touch technology!






Do you have 5-seconds to spare? That’s about how long it will take you to set up the GL1 Cable. Simply plug the GL1 into your vehicle’s OBD-II data port and you’re done.

Simple As That.No confusing setup menus on your iPhone or iPad or iPod touch… None! There are no settings or menus to navigate; just plug in the GL1 to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and it works




FREE BONUS!!! Click Above and Get GoPoint GL1 Today, then, on the Homepage under Contact Us, send an email saying you bought GL1, we’ll send you a full list of check engine trouble codes for your vehicle!

Since many motorists are holding on to their wallet driving the car they have longer, it’s important for you to have confidence in your current vehicle. Do something about it now. The GL1 can help:

  • The GL1 Is Easy To Use-Plug It In
  • No 20 Step Manual To Read
  • Nothing To Loose!


Buy GL1 On Sale for under $99 and for 60 days if it doesn’t work for you, company says send it back for a full and prompt refund. You risk nothing. BUY NOW! GoPoint Technology GL1 OBD-II Accessory for iPhone/iPod/iPadMP3 Player Chargers)

Toyota-Alabama presents product and accessory offerings that we believe can have valuable and enjoyable benefits to our readers and Toyota owners everywhere.


Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Toyota Prius V Wagon, a great addition to the Toyota Prius hybrid lineup, and the first of several vehicles that will expand the iconic MPG Prius label beyond the current five-door hatchback model into different body styles and sizes.

Prius V Wagon

Prius V Wagon

Just Like Prius, A Little More Uniform

Every body panel on the 2012 Toyota Prius V is different from the Prius Hatchback, but there’s absolutely no mistaking it for anything other than a Toyota Prius hybrid.

This is not a Prius van or a wagon for the Cheaper by the Dozen Gang, but rather a vehicle for 1 to 4 occupants with a lifestyle full of activites.

From most angles, it looks more like a tall hatchback than a station wagon, perhaps deliberately. It’s only with the tailgate open, looking at it from the back or side, that the squared-up rear end and vertical cargo opening become apparent.

Two prominent features highlight the difference: First, there’s no secondary rear window below the main glass in the tailgate, as there is on the hatchback.

Then, inside, that George Jetson center console in the Hatchback has been replaced with a more traditional separate elbow bin and dashboard center stack that allows easy access to the cupholders, tray, and so forth mounted on the tunnel.

The dashboard again resembles the standard Prius, with the high-level central display offering an array of numbers, icons, diagrams, and symbols in a handful of colors.

Even with a larger length and wheelbase the Prius V Wagon drives like the regular Prius Hatchback. The Driver sits up a little higher over the Prius Hatchback; but, it’s not quite the commanding post of an SUV.

The Prius V uses the same 1.8 four cylinder power plant and Toyota Hybrid Synergy drive system as the hatchback, along with a very slightly reshaped nickel-metal-hydride battery pack mounted under the front of the load-deck floor.


With a curb weight of 3,274 pounds,  roughly 300 pounds heavier than the Prius hatchback, Toyota managed to engineer impressive gas mileage estimates, with the final figures coming in at 44 mpg city, 40 mpg highway, for a combined rating of 42 mpg.

The extra booty, combined with a greater aerodynamic drag from the larger frontal area of a taller, wider car, is what consumes more fuel.

Wide Load Bay, Sliding Rear Seat

Since Prius V is a station wagon, it’s meant to haul people and stuff and the significant figures are capacities and measurements. The EPA says the Prius V has 34.3 cubic feet of cargo volume with the rear seat up in its rearmost position, and 40.2 cubic feet if it’s slid as far forward as it’ll go. Folding the rear seat takes cargo volume up to 67.3 cubic feet.

Equally as important is the load floor. The Prius V had an admirable 39 inches between the insides of the wheel wells, ensuring that side boxes, dog carriers, and who-knows-what-else can slide in and sit flat on the floor.

Prius V Wagon Cargo Area

Prius V Wagon Cargo Aea

The depth of the cargo bay with the seat up, was 36 inches from tailgate to seat back, and ranged from 68 to 72 inches with the rear seat folded down,depending on how far forward the front seats were pushed.

A feature of value that may be missing are the side cargo levers that automatically fold the rear seat sections down when loading through the tailgate. Highlander and Rav4 have these and they are quite useful.

The 2012 Toyota Prius V comes standard with fabric trimmed seats, automatic climate control, a tilting and telescoping steering wheel, and–still rare in wagons–a rear seat that not only folds down and splits 60/40 but also slides fore and aft and reclines from 15 to 40 degrees.

Three trim levels: Two, Three, and Five

There are three trim levels for the Prius V, that mirror three of the four trim levels on the hatchback, Prius II, Prius IV, and Prius V. I know this can seem confusing, but don’t let it throw you. The V in Prius V stands for Versatility. The Prius V Two is the base model.

Upgrading to the Prius V Four adds a tilting-and-telescoping steering wheel with audio, Bluetooth, and climate controls in the steering wheel, plus voice-activated navigation controls.

It also includes a display audio plus navigation system with a 6.1-inch screen in the center console, and the new Toyota Entune cloud-based infotainment system.

Top of the line Five

The Prius V Five sports 17-inch, 10-spoke alloy wheels, a six-way adjustable driver’s seat with adjustable lumbar support, and a four-way adjustable front passenger seat, both of them heated and trimmed in lighter than leather SofTex fabric. Also in the Five package are LED head lamps, integrated fog lamps, and a smart-key system.

The Advanced Technology Package, only available on the Prius V Five, adds on top of all above an HDD navigation system, a panoramic view moonroof with electrically powered sunshades, and dynamic radar cruise control.

It also comes with one free year’s worth of the Safety Connect system, which provides emergency assistance, roadside assistance, automatic notification of emergency services in the event of a collision, and a stolen-vehicle location function.

The basic warranty on the 2012 Prius V is Toyota’s 3 years/36,000 miles comprehensive, with a 5 years/60,000 miles powertrain components warranty except the hybrid system, which is warranted for 8 years/100,000 miles.

Pricing is to be released closer to the car’s arrival in dealerships, which is planned for Fall 2011.


Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Toyota is creating Toyota Friend, a Toyota social-networking service where drivers interact with their cars like they do with Twitter and Facebook friends.

Toyota,, and Microsoft are partnering on the project called Toyota Friend,  The new private social network will be private for Toyota owners andoperate like Twitter tweets. The companies are spending more than $10 million combined on the venture.

Here’s how it works:

An owner of a new plug-in Prius hybrid gets a cellphone message from his Prius reminding him to recharge his car overnight. The owner plugs his car up to recharge it and the car replies, “The charge will be completed by 12:30 a.m. Is that OK? See you tomorrow.” How Cool Is That?

The Toyota Tweets can be made private, or shared with other Toyota Friend users, as well as shown public on Facebook, Twitter and other services. Your Toyota truly can become Your New Best Friend!


Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Toyota, and Microsoft are creating Toyota Friend, a Toyota social-networking service where drivers interact with their cars like they do on Twitter and Facebook. Your Toyota may very well become your Best Friend…

Toyota Friend

Toyota Friend

Toyota and are partnering on the project called Toyota Friend,  a private social network for Toyota owners that operates like tweets on Twitter. The companies along with Microsoft, are spending more than $10 million on the project combined.

It is described as working like this:

In a demonstration at a Toyota showroom in Tokyo, an owner of a new plug-in Prius hybrid received a cellphone message from his Prius reminding him to recharge his car overnight. The owner plugged in his car to recharge it and the car replied, “The charge will be completed by 1:45 a.m. Is that OK? See you tomorrow.”

The Toyota Tweets can be private, or shared with other Toyota Friend users, as well as made public on Facebook, Twitter and other services, the company said.

The companies did not give details of the technological blueprints as to how the content of the talking car’s dialogs will be managed. Toyota officials said the answers will be automated through sensors in the car.


Thursday, May 19th, 2011

The Toyota Prius, with its 50-mpg combined EPA rating tops most Fuel Efficient Car Lists.

Gas prices keep moving up, and once again, U.S. car buyers are setting their sights on smaller cars to increase gas mileage.

Older Prius Keeps On Going

Older Prius Keeps On Going

People continue to ask, Will Prius Hold Up? What will the reliability of an older Prius be? Will the battery pack and electric components work properly after 100,000 miles, after 200,000 miles?

We talked a while back about a 2002 Prius with more than 200,000 miles on it and how well it continued to hold up .

Now here’s the story of another high-mileage Prius, this one the far more numerous second-generation model built from 2004 through 2009.

The owner drove his 2004 Prius hybrid from his home in Iowa City to Consuner Reports’ test facility in Connecticut. The car arrived with more than 215,000 miles on the odometer.

In standard acceleration and gas-mileage tests, CR found that acceleration time had increased only slightly, from the 10.5 seconds brand-new to 11.3 seconds.

The fuel economy changed from 44 mpg to 42 mpg, not much, and might be attributed to different tires.

With gas at $4, that difference would cost the owner $4.32 every 1,000 miles, not much again, so it’s not very significant in the grand scheme of things.

So, you could do a lot worse than a used Prius—even one with 215,000 miles on it. That owner better look out, that Prius might be a pallbearer…



Monday, May 16th, 2011

Toyota Has A College Graduate Program Enabling New Graduates to Purchase and Finance New Toyota and Scion Cars On Their Own Merit Without A Co-Signer.

College Graduate Buys New Toyota On Her Own Merit

College Graduate Buys New Toyota On Her Own Merit

Qualified College Graduates receive a $1,000 rebate toward the purchase or lease of a new Toyota vehicle, including the Corolla, Matrix, RAV4, Camry (excluding the hybrid), Tacoma and Yaris as well as new Scion models. Graduate must finance or lease through a participating Toyota/Scion Dealer.

For Details Click This Link: Current College Graduate Finance Program.


Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Today Show 2011 Toyota Concert Series Schedule Is Rockin!

2011 Today Show Toyota Concert Series

2011 Today Show Toyota Concert Series

Fans and visitors are encouraged to join the 2011 Today Toyota Concert Series Shows on the Plaza for the live performances. Please Note, Viewing is first-come, first-serve located outside TODAY’s window-on-the-world studio, located at 49th Street and Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. Today and Concert Fans should arrive by 6 a.m. for best viewing.

Thanks for visiting Toyota-Alabama and Visit Often. Here is the Today Toyota Concert Series Schedule for 2011:

  • Friday, May 21 – The Script (Plaza)
  • Friday, May 28 – OneRepublic (Plaza)
  • Thursday, June 3 – ‘American Idol’ winner and runner-up (Plaza)
  • Friday, June 4 – Justin Bieber (Plaza)
  • Tuesday, June 8 – Christina Aguilera (Plaza)
  • Friday, June 11 – Rascal Flatts (Plaza)
  • Friday, June 18 – James Taylor & Carole King (Plaza)
  • Friday, June 25 – Maxwell (Plaza)
  • Friday, July 2- Maroon 5 (Plaza)
  • Friday, July 9 – Lady Gaga (Plaza)
  • Friday, July 16 – Enrique Iglesias (Plaza)
  • Friday, July 23 – John Mayer (Plaza)
  • Friday, July 30 – Carrie Underwood (Plaza)
  • Friday, August 6 – Train (Plaza)
  • Friday, August 13 – Ke$ha (Plaza)
  • Friday, August 20 – Keith Urban (Plaza)
  • Friday, August 27 – Katy Perry (Plaza)


    Sunday, May 15th, 2011

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    Updated through 4/01/2013, We are Dynamically posting Current United States Toyota Deals, Leases, Rebates, and Incentives. These Incentives do change as often as month to month and also vary by U.S. regions. Check back often.

    Current Toyota Deals, Leases, Rebates, Incentives

    Current Toyota Deals, Leases, Rebates, Incentives

    March Toyota deals are a mix of lease offers, cash back discounts and financing incentives. In many cases, March Toyota discounts and incentives are better than what competing automakers are offering. There are new lease offers on some models like 2013 Avalon and  no-interest financing and cash back rebates on a number of cars, trucks and SUVs.

    Toyota’s March deals on the 2013 Toyota Camry, Corolla and Highlander includes zero percent financing  or cash back in many areas.

    While we work to keep Toyota deals up-to-date and accurate, the best source of current discounts and incentives on a new Toyota is your local Toyota dealer.

    Visit Toyota-Alabama often as there is a wealth of information on this site. Since Toyota Deals, Rebates, Leases. and Incentives Change quite Often Go to the link below for Current Toyota Deals, Leases, Rebates and Incentives and check back often:

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