October, 2010

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Friday, October 29th, 2010

Toyota announced a year ago that it would apply the Prius model name not only to the current five-door hatchback, but to other hybrid vehicles as well.2012 prius mini van

Attention Prius Lovers with a Family, Your Prius minivan is just around the corner. Variously called the Prius Alpha or Prius Verso, we really don’t yet know exactly what model name the new Prius Van will carry here in the U.S.

Both Ford and Mazda are working on vehicles of similar size and concept to be sold in the U.S.

But neither Mazda nor Ford will offer a hybrid option,… so after a decade of waiting, those Prius owners whose family has expanded can now turn to their Toyota dealers.

The Prius Mini Van will have seven seats in three rows, but its mechanicals and footprint are unchanged from the current Prius five-door hatchback. The body is both longer and taller to accommodate the third-row seat.

Whether it will be the first Prius fitted with a lithium-ion battery pack, replacing the older nickel-metal-hydride pack, remains to be seen. The 2012 Toyota Prius small minivan will be formally introduced at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, and will arrive at Dealers in March.


Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Buying a car today can be one of the easiest purchases of your life  with no time waste if you have the right plan and know what to do. You can buy with complete confidence you are car agreementgetting a great deal while avoiding going through a long drawn out and what seems to be a painfully endless process.

With all of the endless amounts and sources of information available on the internet, from dealers, and from other sources it’s pretty easy to get totally frustrated, confused, and end up with a massive migraine. What you need more than information is a simple plan that will ensure you get a good deal without spending 3 weeks in research, shopping a 1/2 dozen dealerships and spending countless hours in painful negotiations going back and forth between the sales person and manager…Done that before?

These 6 steps will get you a great deal without wasting time and confrontation:

1) Connect! Approach the Dealer as a buyer. Your best offense when buying a car, contrary to popular belief, is to identify yourself as a buyer, not a shopper. Don’t be defensive, present yourself with wide open demeaner and approachable. This will actually make it easier for you and the dealer representative to make a connection. The customer that approaches a car dealer defensive and pushy tends to cause the dealership personnel to respond the same way.

2) Don’t make Price your greatest concern… Let the sales person know that the most important thing to you is NOT price but knowing, first, you are on the right car. This will be music to the sales person’s ears and assure a great connection. Communicate that you are confident than once the vehicle is perfect the dealership and you can come to agreeable terms. This is going to make the sales process quicker by reducing confrontation and later make getting your best terms even easier.

3) Make sure you are on the right vehicle. The single biggest mistake a buyer can make is buying the wrong product. Don’t put price in front of selection of the right vehicle. If the product is not right the terms can never be good enough! The best way to determine the right unit is not online or on the phone but at the dealership. A trick to make sure you are on the right vehicle is to look at the vehicles just above and just below what you think you want. Any interest on either of the other two product choices means you are not yet on the perfect product for you.

4) Get behind the wheel and test drive the vehicle. Dealerships love for you to drive their products. This makes the dealership feel like they have done their job and provides them with more confidence in giving you the information you want and their best price. Taking time to demonstrate the vehicle will save you time later and give both parties more confidence when negotiating.

5) Ask for a computer generated proposal. Ask the dealership if they could please present their offer to you electronically, rather than by hand. Because of technological advances the most customer driven auto dealers today utilize software technology to provide the buyer with computer generated proposals. The proposal should include price, trade figures, purchase and lease payment, down payments and interest rates all at one time.  Computer generated proposals avoid wasted time in the negotiations and unnecessary figuring by management. An electronic generated proposal should produce 9 or 10  purchase payments and  lease payment options and can take less time than it takes to fill out a credit app. This also reduces chances of mistakes and wasting time going back and forth. Computer generated worksheets guarantee a full disclosure, complete transparency, and a quick and easy negotiation process that is non-confrontational. Customer oriented Car dealers know that time is important to to the 21st century car buyer.

6) How do you determine a fair price? First of all,  franchised automotive dealers in the US operate on about the same net margins as a grocery store–about 2% net margin (after all expenses). Most car transactions generate more money to state and local taxes than profits for the dealer. For instance, the taxes in California are 8.75, so if the dealer has a mark up of 6% on a 20,000 car, they will have a gross profit (before any expenses) of 1200 while the state will collect almost 1800. Keep in mind the State of California isn’t even in the car business, doesn’t wash the car, service it, or inventory the products only promises you schools, roads and hospitals for the taxes they collected. If it were not for dealerships’ service departments and pre-owned cars, the car dealer wouldn’t be able to even stay in business to sell new cars. Can you find another dealer 50 miles away to sell for a couple of hundred less? Probably, but your local car dealer who you will be servicing your car with is a human being too. Remind him that you are a loyal service customer.

There is no reason that buying a car should be a painful or a long drawn out ordeal today. Most auto dealers are not interested in taking advantage of you and are extremely interested in making you happy. It is time wasteful to shop 5 locations to get a good deal.

Follow these steps when you are ready for something shiny and new. let your dealer know you are there to buy and make a connection with your sales representative. Be sure you are on the right car and ask that they present their proposal electronically. Follow this plan and you will have a great car buying experience, not waste valuable time, and know that you have received a great deal.


Friday, October 1st, 2010
Consumers are always interested in the top 10 vehicles to purchase.vehicles
When it comes time to buy a car, consumers basically have two choices: new or used. Go the used route, and you typically get more for your money. However, you never know if you’ll get a peach or a lemon — or do you? 
MSN Autos reports that there’s a relatively new type of used car on the market that offers the advantages of buying both new and used. That is, you get more for every dollar spent, as well as the solace of knowing that the vehicle’s health and well-being is guaranteed by the vehicle’s manufacturer or an independent agency. It goes by many names, but is most commonly known as certified pre-owned (CPO).
To qualify as CPO, a vehicle must be inspected, refurbished to “almost new” condition, and certified as such by the vehicle’s manufacturer or an independent certifying authority. Furthermore, CPOs typically come with some type of factory-backed warranty and financing, just like a new car.
MSN Autos takes a look at the 10 best-selling CPO vehicles through the first six months of 2010, examines what makes them hot sellers, and talks about the strengths and weaknesses of each.
The Toyota Camry and Corolla made MSN Autos Top Ten List.