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Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Check out the Toyota Avalon Interior with functional spots for two phones…, 2010-01-09fultonpage A cool display by Fulton Innovation demonstrating the industry standard angle eCoupled called Qi.

Qi’s going to be backed by some really big names including Motorola, Nokia, RIM, Energizer, Duracell, Samsung, and Phillips along with others.

The goal of Qi is for all kinds of wireless technology to seamlessly play together,,, And what a great way to present the concept by using a Toyota !


Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Toyota’s Indiana plant prepares to build the third generation Sienna minivan. 65-2011-toyota-sienna-front-grill

The nine-year-old plant has 4,200 employees and faced an uncertain future with the economic downturn. By mid-2008, the plant’s Tundra full-size pickup production had been moved to Toyota’s Texas facility. Toyota also decided to build the Highlander mid-size SUV in Indiana by late 2009.

Toyota invested approximately $450 million to upgrade the plant, which introduced the Highlander last October. Now, TMMI is poised to build the all-new, third generation Sienna.

“It made more sense to further invest in our experienced team members (rather than resort to layoffs),” an official said. “We refocused our work. When we weren’t building vehicles, and prepared for a brighter future.”

TMMI implemented a training program for team members. It also encouraged team members to further kaizen, a Japanese term for continuous improvement. No ideas for improving processes and reducing waste were too small; in fact, hundreds of improvements were implemented resulting in an estimated savings of more than $7 million.

Team member ideas bolstered safety and ensured consistent quality. For example, the installation of the lower front console on the all-new Sienna put the team member in an awkward position. Team members found a small power tool that ensured the console snapped securely in place every time while eliminating an ergonomic issue.

“The power of more than 4,000 people working together on this type of activity is incredible. Our decision to fully utilize our team members was expensive, but it’s paying off already. Currently, our quality is much better than it’s ever been and our safety is among the best in Toyota.”

Toyota offset some of the cost by adopting a “shared sacrifice” approach, including the elimination of executive and salaried bonuses, executive pay cuts, production team member bonus reductions, overtime elimination, and a hiring freeze. Could Washington learn something from this?


Thursday, January 7th, 2010

There are thousands of older Toyota vehicles in service and most of them have a timing belt that eventually wears out and must be replaced.Timing belt replacement is crucial to the life of your engine.

Of course the time to change a timing belt is before it breaks. Fortunately for Toyota owners, most of the timing belts in our vehicles are non-interference belts. Interference type engines can suffer expensive damage in the case of timing belt failure. Most Toyota vehicles will just stop running at belt failure with no harm. Murphy’s Law loves this kind of situation, though; thus, this occurrence will invariably happen at the wrong time in the wrong place…

Here is a brief Chart for Toyota Timing Belt Replacement Intervals:



Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

“We believe the minivan is poised to rebound and young families will lead the way.”                                       toyota-sienna-limited-2011-_320x240

The 2011 Sienna is the third-generation of the model and Toyota packed the new design with features that it hopes will set the Sienna apart from other vehicles in its class.

Among the fancier options available are dual-power sliding doors. Inside, the 2011 Toyota Sienna’s completely redesigned cabin boasts significantly more people and cargo space in addition to a bounty of passenger pleasing touches like tri-zone air conditioning, reclining second-row seats with footrests, a 60/40 Split and Stow third-row bench (power activated in the Limited), extended seat travel and loads of convenient configuration stow spaces. A panoramic rearview camera monitor and a 16.4-inch flat-screen television that flips open from the ceiling is available. Passengers can view a movie on the full screen or go into a split-screen setting and view a movie on one side while playing a video game on the other. Be sure to recline the second row seats with footrests while enjoying yourself!Toyota-Sienna-2011-Interior

The Sienna boasts wider doors than previous models and can accommodate up to eight passengers. The second-row seats can be shifted forward behind the front seats, and the third-row seats can be stowed flat, creating a cargo-carrying area that’s about eight feet long and four feet wide, Toyota said.

Sienna will be available in five variations, including a sporty SE and a high-end Limited edition. Toyota is offering two engine types for the Sienna – a 2.7-liter, four-cylinder engine or a 3.5-liter, 266-horsepower V6.

The Sienna hits showrooms in February, although Toyota won’t say yet what its starting price will be.

It will be priced lower than the current model, however. On the company’s Web site, the Sienna is listed as starting at $24,540.

3.5-liter V6
2.7-liter L4
Total Horsepower
266 hp
187 hp
6-speed ECT-i automatic
6-speed ECT-i automatic
Towing Capacity (lbs.)
Width (inches)
78.2 in.
Height (inches)
70.7 with roof rails
70.7 with roof rails
Overall Length (inches)
Wheelbase (inches)
Sienna grade and LE FWD

17-inch five-spoke alloy

17-inch seven spoke machine finished alloy
18-inch 10-spoke machine finished alloy
19-inch six-spoke Super Chrome finished alloy
17-inch five-spoke alloy
P235/60 R17 (Sienna grade, LE, XLE)
P235/55R18 (Limited)
P235/55RF18 (AWD models)
P235/50R19 (SE)
P235/60 R17 (Sienna grade, LE)


Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Have you seen those Toyota engine codes or been asked what engine code a motor was? Have you ever wondered exactly what the jumble of letters and numbers meant?TOYOTA ENGINE

First of all, one needs to realize that Toyota, like GM, Ford, etc., has engine “families”. However, rather than calling them names such as “big block” or “small block,” Toyota assigns them a letter code. The engine family code is the first letter (not the first numeral).

The first letter or letters in the code represent the engine family, for example, 1JZ-GTE & 2JZ-GTE are both JZ motors. 4A-GE, 4A-GZE, 7A-FE are all A series.

The numbers that come before these engine family letters designates the version of that engine, starting with 1 & going up to as much as 22. The higher the number the newer the version.
Often the higher the number the larger the capacity, but this is not always the case. Eg, 1UZ-FE, the first of the UZ V8s, is 4L & uses an alloy block. 2UZ-FE, the second UZ, & is 4.7L & uses an iron block. 3UZ-FE, the 3rd UZ, but is 4.3L & again uses an alloy block.

The letters that come after the dash is mostly concerned with the head & intake system used, & is quite varied. The basics are:
G= wide angle sporty twin cam head,
F= narrow angle economy twin cam head,
T= turbocharged, twin or single, no differentiation between the two, as opposed to Nissans RB25-DET & RB26-DETT,
Z= supercharged,
E= electronic fuel injection,
S= direct injection,
i= single point fuel injection (pretty much obselete these days),
C=Californian pollution control (didn’t only come out in California),
U= Japanese pollution control.

There are a number of other codes, but most of them are only applicable to much earlier engines. If there’s no codes and no dash, Eg, 18R, you can be pretty sure the motor has a single carb & single cam.

So from all this info, you can deduce that a a 1JZ-GTE is the first of the JZ series, has a twin cam head, is turbo charged and is electronically fuel injected. Whereas a 1JZ-FE has the same bottom end but a narrow valve angle twin cam head, no turbo & electronically fuel injected.

Some of the Family block types are:
JZ- inline 6
A- inline 4
G- inline 6
UZ- V8
MZ- V6
GZ- V12
FZ- inline 6
VZ- V6
S- inline 4
R- inline 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


AZ-2.4L. 4