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Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

TOYOTA AUTO NAVIGATION Has too many Navigation System features to cover in a single post writing. We’ll cover in this post setting a single address point to follow and travel to using auto navigation.

At the navigation system console, press the “MAP/VOICE” button to view the map screen.  On this screen the “MAPVIEW” button allows display of input Points Of Interest or POI’s as they are called. The “MARK” button stores current vehicle position in the system memory for recall.

Press the “DESTINATION” button and a screen with several options for inputing an Address, POI, or Previously Stored Location appears.  (Please note that an Explanation of Terms Used in Navigation can be viewed by pressing the “HELP” button which is a “?” in a circle icon located on both the MENU and DESTINATION screens. A box with scroll buttons appears to select terms.)

The DESTINATION SCREEN actually has 2 sceens, 1/2, which is selected at the top right corner of the screen, 1 or 2. On this screen be sure the correct “Search Area” is selected. To select a “Search Area” press the “CHANGE” button that goes to a screen where one of ten geographical search areas can be chosen. For example Alabama is “US7“.  (Details about each Search Area are outlined by pressing “MENU“, then on that screen press “MAP DVD“, and select a covered area from a list.) 

Now input a Destination Address to follow:

  1. With the vehicle stopped, press the “DESTINATION” button, then press the “ADDRESS” button
  2. An Address screen appears, a “Street Number” and “Street Name” is input, (Note as characters are entered, the system automatically narrows the available choices.)
  3. Select an Address from the displayed choices and a map appears showing the Destination Location
  4. Press “ENTER” if the location shown is perfect or, use the displayed arrows to “fine tune” the location, then press “ENTER” and the accurate screen for the destination is displayed.
  5. At the bottom of this screen a choice of 3 Routes to take to the destination are given.
  6. A demo of each Route can be viewed before making a selection. To end the demo, press the “MAP/VOICE” button
  7. Click on the Route desired to follow and begin
  8. At the end, to delete a Destination, press the “MAP/VOICE” button, press “ROUTE“, then “DELETE“, then confirm by selecting “YES“.

This is a simple Toyota Tutorial on how to  map out a Destination and drive to it. To learn much more about Toyota Vehicle Navigation, go to, click on Frequently Used Features heading, upper left corner,then on the next screen, click the Red “Frequently Used Feature” Iguide Bar, select “Toyota Gen5 Navigation System“, and then select the vehicle model of interest for an in-depth presentation.
Be sure to inquire about The EXCLUSIVE LIFETIME WARRANTY available on Toyotas and Scions…

Toyota Build Quality

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

I’ve had hundreds of conversations over the past few years with people who tell me they’ve owned 6 or 7 Toyotas and that the very first one they bought is still in the family on the road, has 250K miles on it with Aunt Lucy’s nephew driving it and, well…this always leads to the question of How Can This Be?

Here is a brief background about The Toyota Production Process that offers explanation for this phenomenon. First of all Toyota does not build vehicles using a mass-production model like American domestics and others do. Toyota reasons that mass production practice of passing errors down the line in order to keep the line running only causes errors and defects to multiply. Mass production workers are oriented to believe that actions they could take to stop the line would be cause for discipline and therefore allow problems that they observe to continue on down the line. The result of this is football stadium size lots full of vehicles with problems and rework defects.

The Toyota Production Process operates on a foundation of some funny looking words like Jidoka, AndonGenchi Genbutsu, and a few others. Jidoka is a term meaning automation with a human touch or the ability to stop production lines anytime at the sight of a problem. Andon refers to realtime visual and physical controls about current production state of affairs, Any Toyota worker can stop the production line  any time at the sign of trouble by pulling an “ANDON CORD”. Genchi Genbutsu is to “Go and See” and is the belief that practical experience is more valuable than theoretical knowledge; “One must see the problem to know the problem”.

The terms above provide 4 foundation principles that Toyota Vehicle Production is built upon:

  • Detect abnormalities
  • Stop production
  • Fix or correct the immediate condition
  • Go and See, investigate, define and eliminate the root cause through corrective measure

Toyota factories also feature the famous “10 Stall Garage” at the End of the Line Defect Check Point. As long as less than 5 stalls are filled with defect vehicles at the same time defined by Toyota’s rigid standards, production lines continue. Anytime defect vehicles fill 5 or more of those 10 stalls, the entire production line stops and all managers “Go and See” to investigate the problem first hand…thus, Genchi Genbutsu applied.

Whether driving a 2009 Avalon Limited or a 22 year old Corolla FX, all Toyotas are built the same way under the principles and funny words outlined above. In addition a buyer can now purchase a new Toyota with an exclusive Life Time Warranty with unlimited miles and unlimited time.

Toyota Bluetooth Phone Set-Up

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

There sure are alot of people buying new Toyotas and taking advantage of the upgrade JBL stereo systems available now with Bluetooth technology and hands free phone capability….and many of these folks don’t have the first idea how to use this marvalous feature.

So here is a brief tutorial on how to get started. The first thing to do is to pair one’s cell phone with the appropriate Toyota Bluetooth system. To begin, Toyota provides a dedicated website, for this purpose. Once there, a group of dropdown boxes like below are displayed:                                      

To find new phones compatible with your model, or to find pairing information for your current phone with your model, please enter the information below.Model YearToyota Model

Bluetooth® Access Via

      “Use/Pair An Existing Phone”

  1. For these drop down boxes as an example choose “2008”, “Highlander”, “Without Navigation” respectively and click on the red box titled “Use/Pair An Existing Phone”.
  2. The next page shown provides for selection of a phone and service provider. For the example select Apple iPhone provided by AT&T and click on the small phone icon.
  3. The next page shown lists the selected phones capabilites when paired with the selected Toyota.
  4.  Next on the left side of this page click on the box right under the phone icon titled “QUICK GUIDE PAIRING INSTRUCTIONS” and a page of easy pairing instructions is shown. The instruction page will vary according to what phone and vehicle have been selected.

Be sure to print out the pairing instruction page to have in the vehicle with you. That’s pretty much all there is to it. Most new Toyota models have the Bluetooth option available and as a reminder, there is an Exclusive Lifetime Warranty available on new Toyota Cars, Trucks and Scions.


Friday, December 12th, 2008

Click Here For Toyota Current U.S. Deals, Rebates, and Incentives
Here are incentives for new Toyotas at your Southeast Toyota Dealers for the rest of the year. If you are thinking about a new Toyota, now is the time to act:               

2008 December Incentives        
12.02.08 – 01.02.09       
Camry Hybrid         none      
Prius  Scion            none                       
Land Cruiser          none      
Highlander hybrid   none      


Cash back                                      24 mos 36 mos 48 mos 60 mos   72mos
08 Avalon      $1,000  or                 n/a        n/a        n/a       n/a 
09 Yaris         $500  or                    n/a        n/a        n/a       n/a       
08 Yaris         $750  or                    n/a        0%        n/a       n/a       
08 RAV4        $1,250  or                 n/a        0%        n/a       n/a             
08 FJ             $5,000  or                 n/a         0%        0%       0%                       
09 Corolla all  $1,250  or                 n/a        0%        n/a        n/a        
09 Matrix all   $1,250  or                 n/a        0%         n/a       n/a         
09 Camry all   $1,500  or                 n/a        0%       2.90%   3.90%    
08 Solara        $3,000  or                n/a        0%         0%        0%       
08 Highlander $5,000  or                 n/a        0%         0%        0%       
08 Sienna        $2,500  or               n/a        0%         0%        0%  
09 Sienna        $1,000  or               n/a        0%         n/a        n/a        

08 Tacoma      $2,500  or                n/a        0%         0%         0%  
09 Tacoma      $750     or                n/a        0%         n/a         n/a  
Sequoia all      $4,000  or                 n/a        0%         0%         0%          0% 
Tundra all       $4,000  or                 n/a        0%         0%         0%          0%